They make the belly less noticeable: 5 spring dresses that correct the figure. Photo.

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Stylish techniques that will help you hide the "excess" in your figure.

Women who choose the right outfit for their body type feel confident. These can be styles that adjust the silhouette and emphasise the neckline, graceful neck, long legs or waist.

And which models should you choose if you want to look spectacular, cunningly hiding a bulging belly? Read the article in OBOZREVATEL.

1. Shirt dress

With this outfit, you can create an image for every taste: extravagant, restrained, and romantic. It all depends on how you style it. It can be a belt, a scarf, a handbag or bright jewellery. To hide your belly, we recommend choosing A-line or trapeze dresses.


2. Dress with a smell

This is a versatile wardrobe item that suits women of all ages. It favourably emphasises the waist and décolleté. It also correctly accentuates the figure, bringing it closer to the hourglass standard.


3. High-waisted outfits

This is the easiest way to hide your belly and visually correct your hips. This model changes the proportions of the figure: it makes the upper part smaller and the lower part larger. So women with a pear-shaped silhouette should avoid it. But for other ladies, a dress with a high waist will suit them.


4. Dress with an asymmetrical cut

This model helps to balance the figure and make it more proportional. It is best when the asymmetry is located at the waist and hemline. This dress can be worn with pumps, sandals with small heels or ballet flats.


5. A-line dress

This style is one of the favourites of Princess Kate Middleton of Wales. After all, it visually hides the belly and sides, evens out proportions and makes the figure lighter. The A-line cut provides convenience, comfort and freedom of movement.


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