The most important planet in a child's horoscope: their happiness in adulthood depends on it

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The most important planet in a child's horoscope: their happiness in adulthood depends on it

I decided to address the significance of the Moon in children's horoscopes. Did you know that the Moon is one of the most important planets for a child? I would even say it is the key one! The position of the Moon in the chart represents the child's primary needs, which they expect to be fulfilled by their mother. If these needs are met, the child grows up to be a happy person; if not, it may lead to complex and emotional problems in the future.

Dear moms, please take a look at the position of the Moon in your child's chart. There are online programs where you can create a horoscope.

Now let's briefly examine the needs associated with different Moon signs. First, we should categorize them based on the elements of the Moon's position: fire, air, water, and earth. We will group them, not in zodiacal order.

Fire Moon

The Moon in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. Any child with a fiery Moon craves recognition! Your child requires a lot of your attention, which must be given. Never compare such a child with others - it can stimulate but may also lead to eternal complexes. It is essential to showcase the child's achievements, praise them, and pay attention to even small victories. A child with a fiery Moon wants to see the authority of their mother, and they will follow her example. A leader or a charismatic mother is what such a child expects.

Air Moon

Moon in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. Air is primarily about communication and receiving information. Children with an Air Moon want more than anything to be talked to and listened to. Not lectured, but to have their questions answered, to notice what interests them, and to be interested in the nuances of their lives. If this need is not met, the child may seek attention from friends or partners, leading to a potential "I'm not interesting" complex. Learning, communication, and interaction are the main desires of this Moon.

Earth Moon

Moon in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. What does an Earth Moon want most of all? Stability and tranquility, of course. This Moon represents children who seek consistency and predictability in their lives, primarily from their mother. The mother's role in such a child's life is a calm, quiet harbor where they can anchor. A person they can rely on, lean on, and trust. This support can manifest in various earthly things: food, care, material stability, and even emotional stability.

Water Moon

Moon in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. The deepest and most emotional element requires great affection and intimacy from the parent. These children are very vulnerable, impressionable, and deeply empathetic. They feel everything happening around them literally with their own skin. They are excellent psychologists who sense insincerity and deception. Therefore, for children with such a Moon, the main need is the ability to express their emotions and receive an adequate reaction. While their emotions can be stormy and unpredictable, they can also be tender and sensual. They should not be prohibited from expressing themselves and their feelings. It is better to teach them to name and recognize their emotions and work with them.

Oh, it's impossible to write briefly about the Moon! And this is just one of my favorite topics. I know that one of my most important life tasks is to study the Moon: its manifestations and needs.

I wrote a book about Karmic Horoscopes precisely because they are all lunar. It is the Moon that carries the memory of our past incarnations. But more on that later.

For now, study your children's Moon and raise wonderful people who will finally find understanding parents.

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