The "glass" French is back in trends: what makes this manicure special and why it is chosen by fashionistas around the world. Photo.

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The "glass" French is back in trends

French manicure is an eternal classic that, according to the nail technicians, will not disappear from the list of trends in the near future. However, if this nail design seems rather boring and hackneyed to you, then we suggest that you get acquainted with a new trend in the world of nail art - the "glass" French.

"Glass French manicure" is a bolder and more unusual, but at the same time very delicate and very versatile version of the classic French manicure. Its peculiarity lies in the absolutely transparent, glass-like tip. OBOZREVATEL has collected several examples of trendy designs that have already been tried by many celebrities, including Rihanna and Kim Kardashian.


Everyone loves French manicure for its simplicity, lightness, and elegance. But imagine that the tip will not have a classic white stripe or a brighter colour, but a transparent "continuation" of your nail.


Depending on the colour of the varnish used, the shape of the nails, and even the length, you get a very impressive manicure that will be appreciated by both minimalist and more extravagant nail art fans.


You can create such a manicure with the help of transparent gel extensions. The "glass" French manicure will harmoniously combine with any look: both shocking and restrained.


Don't be afraid to experiment with additional elements: rhinestones, beads, stickers, drawings, etc.


As OBOZREVATEL wrote, no matter what your passion for nail design with additional elements, drawings, stickers, etc. is, there is no denying that minimalist trends in manicure dominate. Over-the-top nail art is fading into the background, and "calm" classics are taking its place. This includes the so-called "rich girl's nails".

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