"Super Mario Brothers," "Air" and other new releases: what you can watch at the movies this weekend. Trailers

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Ukrainians are waiting for interesting premieres

One of the most popular pastimes of Ukrainians on weekends is going to the cinema. Famous movie studios have prepared many interesting new releases for viewers, in particular an exciting film for the whole family "The Super Mario Bros. Movie", a drama film "Air" and a horror film "The Pope's Exorcist".

We should not forget about the premieres that have already taken place and are still popular among Ukrainians. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell about them in detail (to see trailers, scroll to the end of the page).

"The Super Mario Bros. Movie" (premiere April 5)

This adaptation based on the famous game will be a great solution for families looking to have fun with children and immerse themselves in a world of exciting adventures with their favorite childhood characters. The main characters - brothers Mario and Luigi - will solve interesting riddles, fight enemies and look for the princess. The film is peppered with apt jokes and accompanied by bright graphics, from which it is difficult to tear your eyes away.

"Air" (premiered April 6)

The dramatic story of the cooperation between then novice athlete Michael Jordan and the newly created basketball division of Nike will not leave fans of quality movies indifferent. The world famous director Ben Affleck reproduced a touching story based on real events, which will tell about the creation of the iconic sneaker brand Air Jordan. The film about the thorny path to the dream is filled with comic commentary, and the famous actors accurately conveyed the emotions and excitement of the main characters.

"The Pope's Exorcist" (premieres April 6)

The creepy thriller by Sony Pictures was also filmed based on real data. Fans of tickling the nerves are sure to enjoy the dark atmosphere of the film, the mysteries of the Vatican and the intricate detective story, with Father Gabriel at the center.

"Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" (in theaters March 30)

The fantasy film will tell the story of thieves who mistakenly helped the "wrong people" to free the world's greatest evil and now have to confront it. Witches, the living dead, apt jokes, vivid special effects, magic, monsters and much more are waiting for the audience on the way to recover the lost relic.

"Mavka. The Forest Song" (on the theaters since March 2)

The animated movie of Ukrainian production was released a month ago, but many Ukrainians still haven't seen it because of the hype. "Mavka" remains the leader of the box office, so moviegoers who have not seen it so far should familiarize themselves with the animation.

Previously OBOZREVATEL wrote about the premiere of the new anime "Hell's Paradise", which pleased viewers around the world. Read more about it at the link.

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