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Tweed and leather jackets are a must-have for 2023

There are things that remain interesting in the fashion world for 1-2 seasons, and there are those that hold a stable position for several years. Surprisingly, they do not get boring and become favourites not only in our wardrobe, but also among the stars. The year 2023 will bring the fashion of the noughties and will delight not only with extravagant things, but also with basic ones.

The vogue_history blog has suggested what girls who are planning a shopping trip should pay attention to (to see the photos, scroll to the end).

1. Leather goods

Leather has not lost its position on the fashion Olympus for several seasons. The most suitable time for leather skirts, trousers, jackets and dresses is the beginning of spring/autumn and winter. Feel free to add these items to your wardrobe and wear them in 2023.


2. Palazzo trousers

This model of trousers was incredibly popular in the 60s and 70s and will drive fashionistas crazy this year. This elegant and versatile wardrobe item can be worn for a walk, to the office, shopping and even to a wedding. Leather palazzo trousers are a hit of the season.


3. Tweed

Elegant and feminine skirts and jackets made of tweed will turn every girl into a real lady. It seems that this material will never lose its relevance. While you still have the opportunity, choose tweed items and enjoy the admiring glances of others.


4. V-neck pullover

This piece will be a great base for your wardrobe. The pullover can be worn on its own or with a shirt with a beautiful collar and sleeves underneath. Give preference to loose sweaters, because tight items can raise questions from fashion experts.


5. Fitted silhouette

We are not saying that oversize is the last century. These things with a universal size do not leave the fashion tops. However, fitted dresses, sweaters and jackets will compete with them. It's much easier to look feminine this way.


6. Polo collar + stripes

For several seasons now, this item has been a real hit that does not want to give up its position. Look for restrained colours, such as grey, dark green, sky blue or brown.


7. Bright colours

A bright coat is a must-have for spring. And a colourful woollen scarf is a must-have for winter. Feel free to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your individuality with the help of juicy shades of clothing.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL informed you what five things you should definitely have in your wardrobe to create a stylish look. A satin skirt will add elegance to your outfit, and an over-the-shoulder sweater will show that you follow fashion trends.

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