"Stay away from war criminals and equipment": Defense Ministry's Main Directorate advises Russians civilians not to go to the May 9 military parade

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Ukrainian Military Intelligence has full information about all activities of the Russian Federation

Russians were advised not to go to the May 9 parade and in general to stay away from military equipment. This also applies to other days of the year.

The warning was voiced by a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Andriy Yusov, in an exclusive commentary for OBOZREVATEL. He commented on the documents published in our publication about the preparation of the Russians to repulse an attack from the air during a military parade.

According to him, Ukraine and military intelligence have all the information about all the measures of the rash*sts that are planned for May 9. Including security measures, including routes and seating of security guards of the main personalities of the war criminals of today's so-called Russia.

"Of course, if we talk about any accents or advice, I think that ordinary Russians, civilians, civilians who are not associated with war criminals, who are not associated with war crimes and Russian aggression against Ukraine, should all days, as, in fact, all coming, avoid presence and being near war criminals and near military facilities that can be used in the aggression of the so-called Russian Federation against Ukraine," said a representative of the Ministry of Defense's Main Directorate of Intelligence.

He noted that fair punishment will find Russian war criminals at any time.

"I think this formulation is self-sufficient. Ukraine does and will do everything to protect itself from the military aggression of the modern so-called Russian Federation - Moskovia. Everything, in order to de-occupy the territories, which will definitely happen, and return to the borders of '91 and will also definitely do everything to justly punish war criminals and all those involved in this genocidal war of modern Russia against Ukraine," said Yusov.

It should be noted that the Kremlin is intensively preparing for sabotage and terrorist attacks in the "heart" of Russia . Russia even decided to close Red Square to the public for two weeks because of preparations for the parade.

In addition, they decided to cancel the traditional May 1 parade. They were afraid to hold it because of "an increased level of terrorist danger.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the Kremlin is seriously frightened by the success of Ukrainian drones in the delivery of "bavovna" on the territory of Russia and are worried about their equipment, which are going to be carried for the parade on May 9. Moscow has developed instructions in case our UAVs attack. We have copies of the relevant documents at our disposal.

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