Silently supporting the genocide of Ukrainians and singing about Boryspil to the occupiers: how singer Yolka has changed and where she lives

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Yolka continues to entertain Moscow's elite

Ukrainian pop singer Yolka (real name: Yelyzaveta Ivantsiv), who won the love of fans while judging on The X Factor, has chosen a silent position on the full-scale invasion. After 400 days since the war began, the artist from Uzhhorod has not made a single statement about the crimes of the invaders. Moreover, Liza does not consider it a sin to perform in front of Russians, singing songs by Ukrainian composers.

OBOZREVATEL would like to tell you how the traitor to Ukraine fared and where she lives. The actions of the once-favourite singer are baffling to her former fans. Fans are still wondering why Ivantsiv chose the side of the aggressor country (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

Yolka's performance on April 30, 2022 in Sochi came as a shock to Ukrainians. At the party, the vocalist did not hesitate to perform the song "Provence", which contains lines about Boryspil. The network angrily discussed the Putinist's concert, stating that they never want to see Elizaveta in Ukraine again. She recently announced a new concert to be held on April 1 in Moscow.


As you know, the singer has two adult daughters, Valeria and Alexandra. However, Yolka tries to keep her personal life a secret and rarely talks about her husband Sergey Astakhov. In 2016, she deleted all the photos with her lover, but there was no information about their divorce.


Immediately after her marriage, Yelyzaveta moved to live with her husband in Khotkovo, under the same roof as his parents. The Astakhov family lived in poverty, and her husband had no education and no permanent job. Ivantsiv invested a lot of money in Serhiy's parents' house, as they could not afford it.


After a while, Yolka bought a huge three-storey house in Sergiev Posad. While the singer was on tour, earning money for the renovation, Astakhov supervised the construction of the 500 m2 red brick mansion. The house is equipped with an observation deck, a swimming pool, and a gym. There is also a guest house and a music studio on the territory. During the construction and renovation period, the celebrity continued to live side by side with her partner's parents.


On her social media, the artist posts only song premieres and fragments from her performances across Russia. She is proud of the audiences she gathers during her concerts, and spends her fees on holidays and travel.

OBOZREVATEL previously told you why Ukrainian TV presenter Regina Todorenko is still silent about the war. The artist preferred to betray her homeland but maintain her marriage to Russian vocalist Vlad Topalov. In the summer of 2022, the celebrity gave birth to her second child.

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