Seven major myths about male infidelity have been named

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Women should know the truth so as not to be left "at the broken trough". Source: Pexels

Cheating on a loved one is not the most pleasant topic, but who else can tell the truth about it if not a psychologist. And you need to know this truth in order not to be left "at the broken trough" with low self-esteem, blaming yourself for what happened.

Olga, a family psychologist popular on social networks, writes about this in her "Good Witch Blog " on Instagram. The expert spoke about seven common myths about infidelity.

"If he loves,he won't cheat"

You can love and cheat, or you can be faithful without love. Love and loyalty are not comparable concepts even for women. And men, of course, will tell their beloved the opposite. "Although some cunning men will tell the truth for a specific purpose," the psychologist notes.

Love and loyalty are not comparable concepts

"Cheating means that something is wrong in the relationship"

The number of infidelities when a man lacks something in the relationship and when he is completely satisfied with his wife, but nevertheless cheats on her, is approximately the same.

"If he is afraid of losing me, he will not cheat"

Most men who secretly cheat on their wives are undoubtedly very afraid of being found out, but at the same time they are sure that only idiots get caught, and they are certainly not.

Cheating doesn't necessarily mean there's something wrong with the relationship

"Both are always to blame for cheating"

In this case, all three are guilty, including the mistress. The only question is the ratio. The mistress is 10% to blame, the wife is 20% to blame, and the cheater is 70% to blame.

"A woman pushes her man to cheat"

This is not true. If there are problems in the relationship, a man should not go to the left, but tell his wife about them, help her, try to solve them, and if everything is unsuccessful, then divorce. Everything else is from the evil one.

If there are problems in the relationship, a man should tell his wife about them

"Only weak, unprincipled men with low self-esteem cheat"

This is partly true. But, unfortunately, not even the most respectable and faithful man is immune from the fact that a woman will become a temptation for him that he will not be able to resist.

"I just talked to her (kissed), but I didn't sleep with her"

Most likely, he did. And if he did, it wasn't because he didn't want to.

As OBOZREVATEL reported earlier, the psychologist told how to determine that a potential partner from a dating site is not suitable. She recommended asking a few right questions.

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