Rules of etiquette: how to behave at a wedding if you are a guest

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A guest who violates etiquette can hopelessly ruin a wedding, here's how to avoid becoming one

A wedding is one of the most important events in a person's life. That's why it's so important for guests to do their best not to spoil the celebration, which is usually planned for a long time and carefully, and for which a lot of money and effort is spent.

Adherence to the rules of etiquette can help with this. The People magazine asked Elaine Swann, an expert in wedding etiquette and founder of the Protocol School, for advice. She has been organizing weddings for more than 10 years and named six major violations of etiquette that guests make.

Ignoring the seating chart

Often at weddings where seating is provided, people often start swapping with each other and moving around at their own discretion. And this is a mistake. The bride and groom have spent a lot of time preparing for their celebration and trying to arrange the seats in the best possible way. And it is important for them that the guests sit at the tables in this way, not otherwise. Therefore, try to show respect for their efforts and at least hold the official part of the celebration at the place you have chosen. Moreover, the newlyweds thought about you personally and your comfort when they chose it.

Inappropriate clothing

This mistake is quite typical all over the world. People sometimes come dressed too solemnly, sometimes in casual clothes, and this disrupts the harmony of the holiday. It seems to be nothing, but it spoils the impression. Therefore, the expert advises to pay attention to such factors as the time of day when the ceremony takes place, the declared style of the wedding, or at least the style of the invitation itself. In case of the slightest doubt, just contact the newlyweds or their organizer and ask what style of clothing or dress code would be appropriate for them. In general, the habit of asking in advance about the appropriate form of clothing for the event can be very useful in a lot of different situations. This way, you'll never make a mistake in choosing an outfit, whether you're going on a first date or to a formal meeting.

Giving money

Money itself is a good and practical gift. The newlyweds will always find a use for it, either pleasant or useful. There is no mistake here. Moreover, you can give not only cash, but also make an electronic transfer, which will also not be a violation of etiquette. It would be a violation to limit yourself to money. Don't forget to add something memorable to them. Even just a beautiful card will do. Think carefully about the greeting text and wishes and be sure to sign the form by hand. Of course, don't forget the bouquet.

Responding to an invitation

Of course, since childhood, we all consider silence a sign of consent. But it is still impolite not to respond to a wedding invitation from the point of view of etiquette. You need to respond in any case, whether you attend the celebration or not. For example, if the guest informs you in time that he or she will not be able to attend the ceremony, the couple will be able to avoid spending extra money on the banquet. You can choose the form of the response yourself - from a verbal message to a special card with thanks for the invitation.

Uninvited guests

If the wedding invitation is addressed only to you, it means that the newlyweds do not expect to see you accompanied by any third party. So don't look for a +1. If you're not sure whether you can bring a date or not, again, check with the bride and groom. Don't spoil their holiday with uninvited guests.

The work of the photographer

Finding a good wedding photographer is not easy. But ruining his work is not a problem at all. So don't distract the person taking the pictures or video, don't push these people, don't run in front of the lens, and try to keep your face straight if you feel even the slightest chance that you're in the frame. And, of course, don't post pictures of the ceremony taken on your phone before the newlyweds publish the "official" footage.

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