Rose-ringed parakeets, rare guests in Ukraine, were spotted in Chernivtsi. Photo

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These green parrots have been increasing their noisy family for a year and a half

Rare birds for Ukraine - rose-ringed parakeet - have bred in Chernivtsi. These green parrots have been growing their noisy family in the Bukovinian regional center for a year and a half and now feel at ease in the treetops of local trees.

The exotic birds in Chernivtsi were reported by Facebook user Tetiana Havrylova, who posted vivid photos.

"No, it's not Africa or Sri Lanka - it's Chernivtsi, Ukraine! I saw them only today, I've been reading for a year and a half that green parrots have bred in Chernivtsi, and people see them on trees a dozen or more," Tetiana wrote in a comment to the photo.


She also said that she has seen these parrots eating seeds on trees and flying into hollows. They mostly sit on large plane trees, but other trees are also a great "home" for them. Tetiana Havrylova posted a photo of the parrots eating chestnut seeds.


"These are rose-ringed parakeet parrots, an invasive species. They can withstand cold down to minus 20 degrees below zero. They are omnivores," the author of the photo wrote.


Rose-ringed parakeets are birds of the parrot family, are named after the Austrian naturalist Wilhelm Kramer. It is the most numerous and widespread species of the parrot family.


In the wild, these green parrots live in South Asia and some parts of Africa. They live mostly near humans, including in large cities. They stay in large groups or colonies. Rose-ringed parakeets are noisy and restless, but they are often kept in cages in homes.

Although this exotic bird is a rare visitor to Ukraine, in recent years, rose-ringed parakeets parrots have been increasingly spotted in Europe in various places where they settle with their noisy family.


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