Rich girl's nails manicure has conquered fashionistas from all over the world: what is the difference and why stars choose it. Photo.

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Manicure "rich girl's nails" conquered fashionistas from all over the world

Whatever your passion for nail design using additional elements, drawings, stickers, etc., there is no denying that minimalist trends in manicure are dominating. Over-the-top nail art is fading into the background, and "calm" classics are taking its place. This includes the so-called "rich girl's nails".

This manicure promises to become a favourite of fashionistas around the world. It has already been done by Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid, and many other global celebrities who set trends. OBOZREVATEL figured out the features of this design.

The "rich girl nails" manicure was invented by the famous Hollywood nail artist Tom Bacik, whose clients include the aforementioned Jennifer Lopez, as well as Selena Gomez, Margot Robbie, Olivia Rodrigo, and many other stars.

"It's all about the choice of colour. 'Rich Girl Nails' is a modern interpretation of a sophisticated classic. A creamy nude that completely covers the nails, paying homage to the grey inspiration originally seen at Chanel. The mixture of grey and beige is a neutral, cool tone, subtle but quite noticeable... I like to choose a shade that is one shade lighter or one shade darker than your natural skin colour to keep the nails subtle and yet deliberate. A transparent, shiny, diamond-like finish is a must," Tom Bachik explained in an interview with POPSUGAR.


The result looks quite minimalistic, but elegant and luxurious at the same time, which once again proves the power of a restrained choice in matters of beauty.


The advantage is that the neutral colour of the polish goes well with everything in your wardrobe, which means that you will always look put together and your choice will seem deliberate. This shade is a reliable and consistent option for looking and feeling confident and rich.


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