Rich girl manicure: 5 shades of varnish that look expensive and add sophistication. Photo.

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Pastel colours always add charm

You've probably heard the following opinion: the more status a woman has, the simpler her manicure is. It is not for nothing that designs in a monochromatic nude colour are called "millionaire's wife's manicure". Young girls often want to stand out, so they apply colourful shades. But self-sufficient ladies do not need to prove anything to anyone, for this reason they prefer a calm and "expensive" palette.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you which colours indicate a woman's high position in society. You'll have to give up patterns and rhinestones (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).


A snow-white manicure looks solemn and elegant, especially in a glossy version. It is not very practical, but it will suit any look. This coating will look most impressive on tanned hands.



A timeless classic, always relevant and juicy. Red can be applied to nails regardless of age, woman's status, time of year, or event. The only thing is to choose deeper tones in winter and bright ones in summer.


Light pink

This shade is chosen by fashionistas as often as red. It is calm, harmonious, emphasising the romance and softness of a woman's nature. Light pink will restore youthfulness to your hands if you are over 50.



An unexpected but very "expensive" colour. It emphasises the status of a lady and her intelligence. Pay attention to this palette if you work in an office, medical facility or educational institution.



A self-sufficient girl will never overload her outfit with unnecessary details and wear flashy colours. Beige is perfect for making your hands look well-groomed and your look complete. In addition, nude shades are almost invisible to scratches and defects.


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