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Add bright colours to your outfit

Even in the most severe frosts, you can look fashionable and stylish. Every girl's winter wardrobe should include both basic items for any occasion and accent pieces that help to spice up the look. You should not be afraid to add colour to grey everyday life and experiment. A maxi skirt and woollen trousers will be a must-have for the cold weather.

Style coach and image maker Inna Hrynenko says that these 7 things are a must-have for every fashionista. She shared her tips on her Instagram.

1. Down jacket

An indispensable element of the wardrobe, a down jacket can be combined with both sportswear and classic clothes. To add variety, buy a brightly coloured jacket.


2. Bright, oversized sweater

In winter, we try to wear clothes in calm shades: grey, blue, beige, brown. But if you buy a bright sweater, you will definitely be satisfied. By the way, it can be worn as an accent instead of a scarf. Just tie your favourite model over a coat or down jacket.


3. Woollen trousers

Beautiful, warm, stylish, shocking - says the stylist. Alternatively, you can tuck the trousers into classic boots or ankle boots. They will go well with almost any type of footwear.


4. Maxi skirt

This skirt can be worn not only in the spring-summer season, but also in winter. A pleated skirt, wool or eco-leather, would be a good option.


5. Leather trousers

Leather trousers are unlikely to be worn in summer. This is a great choice for autumn and winter. All-leather outfits are also considered fashionable. Don't hesitate to wear leather trousers and jackets with boots or shoes.


6. Light jeans

There is a misconception that light or white jeans can be worn in the warm season. Such a thing will refresh your look, make you stand out from the crowd, and emphasise your sense of style. Moms, flared models and loose jeans should definitely be in your wardrobe.


7. Long scarf

You can't do without a colourful and warm scarf in the cold. The longer and brighter it is, the better. You can tie it in different ways and use it as a hat.


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