Pleasant encounters or preparation for changes: a weekend horoscope for November 19-20 for all zodiac signs

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Some will have a wonderful rest

Capricorns will have pleasant encounters and spend time with loved ones. Taurus will be preparing for changes.

Tarotist and prognosticator Olha Solomka, exclusively for AstroOboz, has compiled a horoscope for all zodiac signs for the weekend of November 19-20. Find out what awaits you.


The weekend can be quite restless, with issues related to clarifying relationships. Someone may provoke certain reactions from you, and you might fall for these provocations, spoiling your mood and the whole weekend with these conflicts.


Since something very interesting begins in your life next Monday, you will be looking forward to the beginning of the week. This weekend, you are just waiting it out and preparing for changes.


There will be a lot of learning, and you will enjoy gaining new knowledge and mastering new skills. It doesn't matter if it's from private courses, an official educational institution, or if you decide to acquire this wisdom on your own.


You may find yourself in a completely new place, where you will have the opportunity to meet new people and gain new impressions, including new landscapes, cuisine, language, and culture.


You will receive some extra money that you need to spend somewhere. The question will arise of whether to buy some very useful and practical things or to set this money aside for later, so to speak, as a reserve.


Even though you are feeling very efficient and active right now, you need to slow down a bit and redirect your activity towards household chores. For example, clean your home, organize your clothes, and engage with your family.


It's no time to relax now; you have to work even harder than during the workweek because you work for yourself and your colleagues, and the workload has significantly increased.


You have to work during the weekend to catch up with your tasks and get back on track with your work schedule. So, you'll have to forgo relaxation, at least for one day, to complete the tasks you haven't finished yet.


These days are best spent in the family circle, with loved ones, organizing engaging group activities that are educational and heartfelt, uniting you all into a real team.


You will have the opportunity to meet with friends or relatives, connect with people dear to your heart, reminisce the past, be yourself, and relax your body and soul in a good place and pleasant company.


This weekend, you can dedicate yourself entirely to helping others, such as working for the benefit of the community or engaging in charitable activities, collecting items, money or giving things away to people in need.


You may find yourself somewhere far away from the usual streets, noise, and civilization, providing you with the opportunity to be in nature, listen to the silence, and immerse yourself in tranquility. You will feel protected and will finally be able to relax.

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