Now women are being called to war: Russians are crying about the Kremlin's "genocide of their compatriots"

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The Kremlin is ready to continue recycling Russians on the war

Huge losses of the Russian occupation army in Ukraine force Putin's regime to come up with new ways to mobilize Russian citizens for a criminal war. All methods are used for this purpose, and they are becoming more and more sophisticated with each passing day. But the Kremlin was not satisfied with recycling the male population of the Russian Federation, and now they are asking women to join the war.

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Total powerlessness

With each passing day, the noose grows tighter: Russians are being provided with conditions under which it is almost impossible to avoid being sent to war. Time after time, the Putin's regime keeps coming up with new legislation designed to fight the "evaders".

One of the latest innovations, which will affect millions of Russians, is starting from July 11. They will not be able to exchange their driver's license if they do not show up at the military registration and enlistment office.

rights Russia 11 July

"We see those who did not show up in the general federal system through the State Automobile Inspectorate. Such citizens will not be provided with state services: they will not be able either to replace the driver's license, get it again or perform any registration actions", said Mikhail Chernikov, head of the main department for ensuring road safety (GIBDD) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

According to him, the database is updated daily and "we have everything related to the military registration and enlistment office for these citizens".

An order for restriction of driving license in case of absence at military registration and enlistment office comes into force since July, 11. According to rough estimates, it will affect about 25 million citizens of the Russian Federation, including those who are abroad.

Moreover, those who do not want to become "cannon fodder" in Ukraine will not be able to take the driver's license exam in their own country. This caused hysteria among Russians.

"Okay, in large cities you can temporarily switch to public transport, but what about the backwoods, where you can get to the hospital or school only by car?", "And if it is minus 30? Bastards, this is genocide!", the Russians are indignant.

Spouses of the occupants staged a riot

Meanwhile, the wives of Russian occupiers from different regions of Russia, who have been on the territory of Ukraine for more than a year, revolted. They demanded that the authorities rotate the servicemen.

Their wives wrote down an appeal to Putin in which they propose "to establish the replacement of exhausted mobilized servicemen who have been in the reserve for over eight months with other trained reserves". According to "Ostorozhno. Novosti", they have already collected more than 24 thousand signatures.

One of the wives of the occupiers cynically stated that members of the Russian Federal Guard Service, the Interior Ministry, the Emergency Situations Ministry and other security agencies will have "more effective results in the armed forces" than the men "of civilian professions".

Female relatives of the occupants lament that they live "in constant tension and fear" because of the indefinite mobilization, of course, while remaining silent about what their husbands are doing in the war and that, thanks to them, young Ukrainians are being killed and wounded.


Spouses of servicemen in social networks are also calling for a second wave of mobilization to rotate the military. In an interview with OBOZREVATEL, Andriy Chernyak, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, said that mobilization in Russia never really stopped: "Yes, it is a quiet, hidden, shadowy mobilization, but it continues.

Women going to war

It was not enough for the Putin's regime to eliminate the male population, so now it is ready to start mobilizing women. In the Omsk region of the Russian Federation, they are offered to sign a contract with the Ministry of Defense of the aggressor country, as relevant advertisements appeared in local sub-public forums.

Among the professions in demand in the occupation army are doctors, paramedics, nurses and cooks. Moreover, the authorities use the cynical slogan: "Together with men". Of course, without mentioning that they will also die equally and that their children will become orphans.


"We urge all Omsk women not to be fooled by this advertisin, as people die every day in the war, including in the home front. If someone you know is going to war, show him the data on losses from the Omsk region. No war and no mobilization!" The Telegram channel "Omsk civilian association" wrote.

According to the General Staff of the AFU, since the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, combat losses of the Russian occupation army have already amounted to almost 233,000 people. In the last 24 hours, 510 occupants went to the other side of the world.

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