No, it's not the toilet: the dirtiest places in the airplane, which are full of viruses and germs, are named

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When booking a seat on an airplane, many passengers try to avoid seats close to the restroom. And it's not just about unpleasant odors and long lines. The restroom is traditionally a place of accumulation of pathogens.

It may come as a surprise, but the dirtiest places on an airplane are far from the restroom. According to the latest research, the most germs are found in the cabin of an airplane, according to The List.

According to Explore, the tables contain almost 10 times more bacteria than the flush button on the toilet. These surfaces can also accumulate dangerous viruses and germs that are resistant to antibiotics.

For example, researchers have discovered methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus - better known by its acronym MRSA - a bacterium that can cause skin infections, pneumonia, or even sepsis.

The following places are also real breeding grounds for germs:

  • blankets
  • pillows
  • ventilation holes
  • armrests

E. coli is most often found not in the toilet but on seats and armrests in the cabin. According to a 2013 study published in Frontiers in Microbiology, E. coli is the cause of many illnesses, including diarrhea, cystitis, and urinary tract infections.

The air vents above the passenger compartments also pose a serious threat. Dozens or even hundreds of people touch them every day. In these areas, a whopping 285 colony forming units (CFU) per 6 square centimeters were found. While the toilet flush button, for comparison, contains about 265 CFU per similar area.

The air in the cabin is usually quite clean, although it is excessively dry, so you should definitely take moisturizer or cloth masks with you. Most airplanes use high-quality filters that circulate the air from top to bottom, which helps to reduce the microbial load.

As for the toilets, they are cleaned but not disinfected between flights. With this in mind, remember to disinfect your hands after touching the toilet handle, headrest, seat belts, and other contact surfaces. Use wipes to disinfect the touch screen and wipe the tray and table before and after meals.

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