New opportunities or romance: horoscope for all zodiac signs for December 30-31

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Some will improve their financial situation

Gemini will have new opportunities and will be able to improve their financial situation. Scorpios will plunge into romance.

Tarotist and prognosticator Olha Solomka has compiled a horoscope for all zodiac signs for December 30-31 exclusively for AstroOBOZ. Find out what awaits you.


Life is now divided into before and after as something old, and not just this year, is coming to an end, and a new period is beginning. Perhaps you're planning a move or to change a job during this last weekend of the year.


It will be difficult to fight with yourself and be torn between two mutually exclusive circumstances: the desire to drop everything and relax and the need to do something like clean the house, organize things or cook something.


There will be an opportunity to improve your material and financial situation as you will receive money, investments, or assurances of support. Or perhaps you will receive a wonderful gift for Christmas.


There's no time to rest: you've been doing household chores all weekend, paying tribute to all that holiday cheer. Even if you weren't planning to celebrate anything in particular, you may suddenly decide to celebrate the new year.


Older relatives will need extra attention, and you may devote the entire weekend to solving other people's problems, visiting them and helping them. You may have to change all your plans for this.


You'll have enough time and energy to spend time with your family and friends and clean up your soul and home. You may even manage to resolve some business issues this weekend.


You may take the path of least resistance and give in to the general mood and desire of your family to celebrate the new year. You will arrange a quiet family holiday, although you were just going to sleep in on New Year's Eve.


Romance will prevail, and you'll spend the entire weekend with your loved ones. It doesn't matter whether you go on a trip or decide to stay at home because you and your relationship are the most important thing here.


Turn off all the news and social media, perform information detox and turn your attention to some pleasant things like communicating with your family and loved ones, which may require going somewhere in the middle of nowhere.


You finally start cleaning your home and may get so carried away and go so far that you wake up in a half-empty house. You might even enjoy it and decide to go all in on minimalism next year.


You now have a lot of different ideas about how to spend this weekend. Some of them will be unusual and even exotic, but you don't really want to have fun like that, so you will still have a choice.


You really need positive emotions right now, and you'll decide to drop everything else and do what you like best, such as your hobbies and creativity. Maybe you'll even be so inspired that others will do the same.

As OBOZ.UA reported earlier, the next five years will be fateful for many zodiac signs. They will have to make important decisions, take risky moves, and start new chapters in their relationships and careers.

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