New acquaintances or financial luck: horoscope for all zodiac signs for February 27

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Someone will have to make an important decision

Gemini will make new acquaintances that will open up interesting prospects for them. Libra can count on financial success.

Tarotist and prognosticator Olha Solomka has compiled a horoscope for all zodiac signs for February 27 exclusively for AstroOBOZ. Find out what awaits you.


You begin to appreciate more what you used to take for granted. For example, a reliable job, communication with relatives and good friends, planned activities, or a vacation.


You are in for some changes, even though you have carefully planned everything in advance. However, today you will be surprised by various unforeseen circumstances and emergencies that will require you to abandon your plans.


Suddenly, new people who offer profitable cooperation will appear. And your task is to listen carefully to all these offers, critically analyze them, gather more information, and decide whether you really need it.


The future reveals some of its secrets to you as you will learn about the plans of your partners that have not yet been communicated to you. And this can be both good news and a not-so-good surprise.


It's very important to work in a team now and solve all the difficult issues together with like-minded people. The support of a well-trained and cohesive team will be very timely.


Today you won't be in the mood for work and will try to get around various production and business matters, and you will succeed. You can postpone all work problems at least until the end of the week.


Your bosses may offer you a salary increase as you will be very important and even unsurpassed in your expertise. Your hard work, perseverance, and diligence deserve to be rewarded.


Today you will be confident and determined, able to overcome very difficult obstacles. Sometimes you can solve everything simply in a rush before you and your surroundings come to their senses.


You can already make your plans and projects public: you're ready to present them to investors and wait for feedback.


You'll have a chance to communicate with someone important to you who you've previously lost contact with. Now you've met again and have a lot to tell each other, sharing useful and interesting information.


This will be a day of active communication when you will be constantly among people, talking, advising, listening to complaints or advice. It will turn out that other people really need your support, and you can provide it.


There will be a lot of free time, and you can use it to work with your head: to imagine, fantasize, rethink, weigh and doubt, choose options and make decisions.

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