Network revealed the purpose of the bulge on the door of the washing machine

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Blogger explains why there is a bulge on the washing machine door

Many users may have noticed a bulge on the door of front-loading washing machines, but not everyone knows what it is. A blogger from Southington, USA, named Renee, told us about the real purpose of this bump.

The corresponding video appeared on the American's TikTok profile, The Sun reports. Viewers were surprised by the "solution" and thanked Renee for the interesting content.

It turns out that the door of a front-loading washing machine is not made flat, as this design allows the clothes to remain in the drum during washing and not get stuck in the door seal, where they can get damaged or left behind and not washed.

"The reason for this tilt is that the clothes are pushed back into the drum during washing. This way, it doesn't get stuck inside the door's rubber cuff," the blogger explained.


Comments under the video included: "I've always wondered about this!", "I was really interested, thanks for telling me", "I was really surprised", "Thank you for revealing the secret", "I think my socks and underpants are missing in the washing machine after all".

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