Medvedev, the ex-commander of the "Wagnerites" who escaped from Russia, identified the executioners of the Ukrainian military. Video

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The killers' voice and manner of speaking gave them away

The Ukrainian military officer was executed by the mercenaries of the Wagner PMC. The voices and manner of conversation of the former service members were identified by Andrey Medvedev, ex-commander of the 1st squad of the 4th platoon of the 7th terrorist assault squad, who escaped to Norway.

Vladimir Osechkin, the founder of Gulagu net, contacted Medvedev. He sent Medvedev a gruesome video of the "beheading" and murder of an AFU soldier (please scroll to the bottom of the page to view the video).

Medvedev said that this was not the first time the Wagnerites had beheaded prisoners.


"It's 100% Wagnerites. I say this 100% because we're the only ones who say so. It's different in a lot of ways. Whether it's, let's say, intelligence - they have their own way... There, when he's already that, they tell him, "Runner, shot, fly at 25." Not 27, but 25. The runner is the call sign of the artillery and the one who requested, before that he had discounted the point where the artillery had to work. Accordingly, he discounted the point, then he did not hear - worked," said Medvedev.

The ex-commander also said that for him it was an ordinary picture.

"They went out to storm the enemy position and someone surrendered. They ended up trying to chase further with the AGS. We reached the Runner, asked for AGS support, dropped the point, respectively, AGS-people had to drop the correction and process the territory with AGS. And in the period he was requesting Runner. "Runner, Runner, flight to 25" is the finish of the AGS-niks. Because the landing sounds are not machine gun sounds. They are the distinctive sounds of AGS processing 200-300 meters away from them," added the ex-Wagnerite.

In addition, he noted that the voice of the killer is very familiar to him. Also the PMC is fully consistent with the executioner's uniform.

"I say with 100% that there can be no mistake. This negotiation and way of communicating call signs when making adjustments is a Wagnerian thing. There's no such thing in the regular army. It's a purely 'Wagnerian' thing," Medvedev concluded.

Osechkin added that the "Wagnerites" in Syria carried out the same brutal crimes.


"Fighters of the Wagner PMC are known for beheading and killing a man in Syria in this way. This video went around the world. Also we know that members of the Russian security services, unfortunately, work closely with such sadists. And we had an example when Ilyas Dashayev, a man convicted of terrorism, including killing a woman and cutting off her head, was in an FSIN penal colony on a privileged position," Osechkin noted.

According to him, the execution of the Ukrainian defender was carried out by order to demoralize Ukrainians.



As OBOZREVATEL reported, the SSU has already launched a pre-trial investigation into this gruesome war crime by the Russian hijackers. The head of the service, Vasily Malyuk, assured that the killers will be found wherever they are.

CNN said it had found another video of the killing of Ukrainian soldiers. The footage of the bodies of the two soldiers lying on the ground appears to have been taken very recently. CNN journalists also determined that the execution was carried out by Wagner PMC mercenaries.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has already spoken out about the shocking crime of the invaders. He stressed: "there is something that no one in the world can ignore," and These gruesome images demand an immediate reaction from all world leaders. After all, Russia has been committing similar atrocities against Ukrainians throughout the war, so putting an end to the terror of the atrocities is the task of the entire world.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said that it was trying to establish the identity of the prisoner who had been executed by the occupiers . They also urged Ukrainians not to spread the horrifying video and not to make assumptions about the name of the Ukrainian soldier captured in the video, so as not to cause suffering to the defenders' loved ones.

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