Many of them are already unrecognizable! How the actors of the TV series "Baywatch" have changed after 34 years. Photos then and now

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How the cast of the TV series "Baywatch" has changed

Back in 1989, the first episode of Baywatch was released, which subsequently became a cult hit and even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records as the most-watched television show of all time, with more than 1.1 billion viewers. The tanned lifeguards with perfect bodies in red bathing suits who patrol the beaches of Los Angeles County, California, immediately became international stars. It was this program that opened the world to such legends as Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra.

It has been 34 years, and many of the actors of the cult project can still jog on the beach, showing off their pumped-up bodies. However, they managed to keep their perfect shapes on everything. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell and show how the "Baywatch" has changed since the first series.

David Hasselhoff (Mitch Buchanan)


The extremely responsible leader of the beach lifeguard team was played by David Hasselhoff. Now he is 70 years old, but the actor continues to actively engage in sports and maintain his form, which in many projects has become his calling card. In 2017, a remake of "Baywatch" in movie format was released on the big screens, and Hasselhoff was happy to join the modern project, which pleased fans. In addition to the series, he has starred in many successful films, and also raised two daughters, over whom he received custody after his divorce from their mother, businesswoman Pamela Bach. In 2018, the filmmaker remarried. His companion became a little-known Welsh actress Hayley Roberts, who is 28 years younger than Hasselhoff.

Pamela Anderson (C.J. Parker)


After the release of Baywatch, Pamela Anderson became one of the main sex symbols in the United States and far beyond. The lush-breasted beauty was not shy about getting naked in front of the cameras, which allowed her to become the most famous model of Playboy, the cover of which she repeatedly graced. As for movies, the role of C.J. Parker was the biggest in the career of the actress. Nevertheless, she appeared in episodes of such popular movies as "Don't Call Me Baby", "Scooby-Doo", "Very Scary Movie 3", as well as the TV series "Nanny", "Clava, Come on!", "8 Simple Rules for My Teenage Daughter". The celebrity gives a lot of time to charity and is actively engaged in solving the problems of environmental pollution. But in her personal life, 55-year-old Pamela Anderson has a real drama. She got married for the sixth time in 2022, but there are already rumors online that this marriage is on the verge of breaking up.

David Chokachi (Cody Madison)


For David Chokachi, the role in the TV series "Baywatch" was his debut. It can be considered that it gave impetus to the development of his future career. Later, the actor starred in such popular projects as "Sabrina the Little Witch", "Blade of Witches" and others. In 1997, he even entered the list of "The Most Beautiful People in the World" by the magazine People. However, the great fame Chokachi and did not find. But clearly held as a family man. Since 2004, the actor is married to Susan Brubaker, with whom he is raising a daughter.

Alexandra Paul (Stephanie Holden)


Another owner of a perfect figure Alexandra Paul after the end of the series continued to develop her acting career. Her filmography includes many successful projects: "Melrose Place", "Mad Men", "Shark Tornado 4" and others. Currently, Paul continues to star in films and television shows, promotes a healthy lifestyle, conducts workouts and is even a wellness coach. She is also a well-known eco-activist.

Carmen Electra (Lanny McKenzie)


Carmen Electra, like her colleague Pamela Anderson, has graced more than one cover of Playboy. It was the spectacular pictures in the cult magazine that helped the model to get into the series and gain international fame. However, after "Baywatch" there were not much successful projects in her career. In the early noughties, the actress released a few training DVDs, which showed their own aerobic technique, combined with elements of striptease. Now the celebrity is more engaged in personal blogging. On Instagram, for example, she has more than 1 million followers.

Yasmin Blyth (Caroline Holden)


From 1996 to 2003, Yasmin Blyth topped the list of the sexiest women on the planet. She starred a lot and was a truly in-demand actress. But now fans hardly recognize the star, who has gained a lot of weight in recent years. In the early 2000s, Yasmin was detained by the police and found drugs in her car. After this, the actress spent several months in rehab and disappeared from the media radar. Now she continues to hide from the fans - does not appear in public, not making movies and not even lead social networks. However, paparazzi sometimes catch Blyth in the street and as you can see, alas, there is nothing left of the former beauty.

Jeremy Jackson (Hobie Buchanan)


Jeremy Jackson was one of the main stars of Baywatch for a long time. Along with fame came his addiction problems. To quit drugs and alcohol for good, the actor helped professional sports. He became a champion of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and struck fitness. Now Jackson is a qualified personal trainer and shares with other people his personal experience of transformation, which is really impressive.

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