Make the right choice: 5 things you shouldn't wear after 35

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Stylish techniques that should not be forgotten in adulthood.

Of course, there are no strict rules in fashion and style, and everyone can wear what they like and what suits their personality and mood. However, as we get older, our preferences and style can change. Some things that looked great on us in our 20s may not look so good at 35 or older.

So, what "youthful" things can you put on the shelf in adulthood? Read the article in OBOZREVATEL.

1. Combination of brown and black

These two colours are basic, but their combination in one look is not for everyone. Most often, girls 35+ look older than their age in them. An outfit in sand, pale blue, beige or cream will be more effective. It can be either monochrome or with a light top and dark bottom.


2. Ripped jeans

They have become an anti-trend not only for older women, but also for young girls. Torn jeans, although they emphasise a rebellious spirit, will be inappropriate. Make a choice in favour of classic jeans that will suit your body type: mom jeans, black, Slim fit, cropped, etc.


3. T-shirts with cartoon characters or inscriptions

Young girls love to wear T-shirts with slogans, funny inscriptions or prints a la Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Master Yoda or other characters. If you really want to add something similar to your wardrobe, you can. Just wear these things exclusively at home. And for the street, work or meetings with friends, buy plain T-shirts that are quite versatile in combination with other things.


4. Animal prints and acid colours

It is not easy to "tame" animal prints. When choosing clothes, you need to take into account the styling and patterns (scale, saturation, rhythm and palette). Bright and acidic shades should also be correctly incorporated into an outfit. You can add these things to your wardrobe in doses. For example, a small leopard bag or a bright scarf.


5. Shoes with massive heels

Such shoes look vulgar on an adult woman. They also add age. Choose alternative options: loafers, pumps, loafers, pointed ballet flats or white sneakers. They are relevant for girls of all ages.


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