It's high time to throw them away! What T-shirts are out of fashion and what you can replace them with. Photo.

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What T-shirts are out of fashion

Spring hasn't yet spoilt us with warm days, but summer is just around the corner, which means it's time to update your wardrobe with new tops, dresses, shorts and T-shirts. Today we're going to talk about the latter. A T-shirt is a universal thing. And right now, you can safely wear it under an oversized jacket or cardigan. But it can also spoil the look if you choose a long outdated model.

OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you about T-shirts that have long since lost their relevance. If you come across one in your closet, feel free to throw it away. And if you see it on a store shelf, because these T-shirts can still be found there quite often, then confidently walk past and don't look back.

T-shirts with inscriptions in different fonts


Quotes, jokes, abbreviations, inscriptions with your name or Instagram on T-shirts are a sign of bad taste. And if the inscription is made in different fonts, it's a complete disaster. Such things lost their relevance many years ago. It is better to choose a T-shirt with one inscription in one style. Take a closer look at patriotic inscriptions - domestic brands are increasingly pleasing with stylish T-shirts and other wardrobe items.

"Infantile" T-shirts


Images of cartoon characters on clothing used to be very popular, but now it is no longer fashionable at all. T-shirts with Mickey Mouse, Disney princesses and SpongeBob are best given to a younger sister, daughter or someone who will look appropriate rather than infantile in them.

Tie dye t-shirts


A few seasons ago, clothes with this print were considered a real hit, and the girls who wore them were considered real fashionistas. However, it was not destined to become an eternal classic, so its glory has faded into oblivion.

"Art" T-shirts


T-shirts featuring the works of prominent world artists were also once at the peak of popularity. But their time has passed. Nowadays, many people try to be "original" and add, for example, a modern smartphone to the hands of the Mona Lisa and chewing gum to the hands of the Girl with a Pearl Earring, but it looks even more vulgar and unstylish. Instead, if you don't want a monochrome, take a closer look at the "bright zebra", geometry, snake print, etc.

Tight T-shirts


Few people wear this style anymore, as even buying it has become quite problematic - everything is oversized. And this is great, because tight T-shirts went out of fashion seven years ago. Even to create a layered look, it's better to choose looser models.

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