"I believe in karma, everyone is responsible for their actions": interview with the main character of the Ukrainian thriller "Egregor"

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The most important goal of an actress is to be and live in her home, in her free Ukraine!

On April 20 the film "Egregor" directed by Stanislav Kapralov starts in the Ukrainian box office. According to the script, the action takes place in Kiev, where a New York detective arrives. His mission is to save the world from disaster.

The cast of the thriller is international. Starring American actor Omri Rose ("Disobedience", "Justice League") and Ukrainian stage and film actress Olena Lavreniuk ("Dzidzio Contrabass", TV series "Coffee with Cardamom"). It was with Olena that we talked about the filming of the thriller with mystical elements.

- Olena, tell us, how does your work in preparation for the new project begin?

- From the script. And based on the script, I look for inspiration in different spheres: whether it's in classics of cinema, favorite movies, books, from people who surround me and I start drawing my picture, my vision of the material, if it doesn't agree. Then I talk a lot with the director, I tell him how I see it, specifically my character, and he talks about recommendations, what he wanted to see and what I need to work on.


- How did you prepare for the film "Egregor"? Did you have to learn new things?

- For me, this is the first project where I speak English. I would say it was a challenge. In the film, almost all of my partners were foreigners. Language has its own rhythm, and it was a new experience for me.


- What kind of theater or movie role do you dream to play?

- I dream of playing the role of a heroine completely unlike my type. They see me as more glamorous heroines, but I wanted to play something completely atypical of me.


- In one interview, you said that you drew inspiration from the TV series "The Bridgertons" while working on "Coffee with Cardamom," for example. Whose figure or work were you inspired by while preparing to shoot "Egregor"?

- I was inspired by such mystical thrillers as "Constantine. Possessor of Darkness" by Francis Lawrence and the legendary film, specifically in the detective thriller genre "The Da Vinci Code" by Ron Howard.


- The best vacation for you is?

- At the moment, as for all Ukrainians, the best vacation for me is silence.

- What is your favorite time of year? Why?

- Autumn. I love all the colors that nature has given us in the fall. I adore this time of year and look forward to it. The only thing that spoils my mood is an allergic reaction to ragweed.

- Do you believe in the existence of the supernatural?

- I definitely believe in karma, and that everyone is responsible for their own actions.


- What goals do you set for yourself in 2023?

- Most importantly, I want to be and live in my home, in my free Ukraine! And being a theater actress, I understand that, because of the full-scale invasion, we have very few films being made now, so for now I will be immersed in theater activities.


- Who is sure to like the movie "Egregor"?

- The movie will appeal to anyone who loves mystics and thrillers. After all, there is a lot of it in the film "Egregor"! And, of course, for people who are fond of Ukrainian landscapes and dream to visit or visit Lviv again, because it is an incredibly entourage city, with its legends and secrets. And the way you will see the city of Lev in Egregor even a native Lvivite will not recognize it.

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