How to support a loved one who is currently at the front line. A Ukrainian soldier and TV presenter shared life hacks

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Mikhail Shamanov urged to call your loved ones

Mykhailo Shamanov, a Ukrainian soldier and TV presenter on Pryamyy TV channel, talked about the absence of intimacy. He shared life hacks on how to support a loved one who is currently on the front lines.

Shamanov posted the message on Facebook. According to the soldier, he pondered for a long time about what to write in response to a question from one of his friends on the social network.

Mykhailo Shamanov talks about the deficit of intimacy.

"Let me start by saying that I am not a psychologist, and don't take this as dogma. We are all going through a difficult time now, both physically and especially emotionally. It's difficult for those who had to leave their homes due to the danger of being buried under tons of concrete after a missile attack. It's difficult for those who left Ukraine. It's hard for all our soldiers on the front lines. It's unbearable and painful to communicate with your family and loved ones from a distance when you can't hug and kiss them," the soldier began.

He added that he loves hugs and the feeling of closeness, both physical and spiritual. But now, like most Ukrainian men, he is deprived of this.

"We are far from each other. We lack warmth. The country is not only short of salt and gasoline. There is a lack of intimacy. But we have no choice. We can't leave the front lines and come home just because we miss our loved ones so much. We're not out fishing, having fun with girls, or on vacation, having a beer with friends! We are soldiers now, protecting you here. Understand and accept this," the TV presenter added.

According to him, every man wants to feel needed - by his parents, children, country, and his beloved. Because all of the people and the land they live on are Ukraine, which he is defending.

Mykhailo Shamanov urged girls not to lie to their boyfriends.

"Wherever your man is, whatever he does, appreciate it. And trust us and what we tell you in these difficult times. In war, all words are simple. At war, you quickly realize who is who. You learn to read people. In war, everything is either white or black. War does not tolerate lies in relationships. We are all mortal, and sometimes we suddenly die quickly. It makes no sense to lie, be a hypocrite, play games, or manipulate with people who are close to us if you go on a combat mission and you don't know for sure whether you will return. (Spat three times over his left shoulder)," Shamanov said.

The defender also advised not to lie to the guys on the front line and not to manipulate them.

"If you can't stand to be apart, and another guy has appeared, 'don't take him out' - tell him honestly. There is no need for manipulation. We can handle it. We are strong. We do not deserve to be lied to," the soldier emphasized.

"Every time we go on a combat mission, we write to our closest people: 'There will be no communication with me, maybe for a few days. I will come back. I promise. Don't worry.' And when we come back, we make sure to respond to everyone who was holding their fists for us, nervous, vigilant, and swallowing Corvalol. It is important for us to know that those we love need us, that they are waiting for us and trust us. Write and call your soldiers more often, send them more warm words - it motivates us, it makes us happy. The war will end, and we will win, but war is a test of your feelings, and love will always win," Shamanov concluded.

Mykhailo Shamanov tells how to support your loved one at the front.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Ukrainian defender Oleksiy Kushner told what not to say to soldiers who are defending our country at the front. The fighter shared some inappropriate phrases addressed to the military, which are better not to say either personally to them or in their presence.

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