How to remove purslane in the vegetable garden: effective methods

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How to get rid of purslane

Garden purslane can fill the entire bed, if you do not start to fight it in time. To remove the plant will have to make a lot of effort, because even broken stems of this weed at the slightest moisture begin to sprout again in the soil.

It is necessary to distinguish between garden and decorative purslane. The latter are multicolored flowers that are used for decorative purposes as decoration of the flowerbed. How to get rid of purslane in the vegetable garden - read in the material OBOZREVATEL.

Why you need to remove purslane from the vegetable garden

Experienced gardeners say that during the growing season, purslane gives up to 3-4 seed generations, while the yield of one plant is up to 1 million seeds per season. Therefore, it is important to use preventive measures and do not let the purslane bloom, otherwise the weed will fill the bed all season.

Purslane survives even in unfavorable conditions, the seeds just need to get to the surface of the soil to take root. Watering the bed or natural precipitation will accelerate germination.

Methods of struggle

Specialists advise to dig the bed in spring, before planting, or in the fall, after harvesting. At depth, in the absence of watering and access to air, the seeds will not have enough strength to germinate. After digging and weeding the bed, the soil should be cultivated - this is a method of surface cultivation, which consists in loosening and leveling the ground.

After these measures, remove any remaining weeds so that they do not sprout again. At the end of August and in September, after the final harvest, it is necessary to qualitatively clean and rake the bed and, if possible, water it with hot water.

In summer, after a rain, you should manually pull out the purslane with roots and take it outside the bed. This weed should not be fed to animals, because if its seeds are not digested.

Do not weed the entire "carpet" of purslane, it is better to pull each plant out by the root or weed at a depth of at least 2 cm. Superficial treatment is not beneficial - if you simply cut off the stems, the purslane  will continue to grow. All weed removal work should be carried out before the weeds start to flower.

By the way, there are two plants that should not be planted in the vegetable garden, because they can spoil the entire harvest. More details - read in the material.

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