How to remove plaque on leather shoes: tips

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Proper care will restore the shine of the shoes

With the onset of cold weather and the start of the snow season, roads in cities are treated with various chemicals to make them less slippery. Whether it's sand, salt, or some other substance, it leaves white spots on your shoes. If they are not removed in time, they can ruin the material from which the pair is made.

Therefore, OBOZ.UA has collected several ways to clean leather shoes from white patches. But the first tip in this case is always the same - treat it with protective and water-repellent agents before going out. This will reduce the risk of stains.

Soapy water and wipes

To deeply clean the reagent from shoes, you can treat them with a mild soap solution. Prepare a mixture of warm water and a few drops of mild soap and wipe the surface of the boots with it. Then wrap the cleaned areas in paper towels and leave them to dry. As the water evaporates, it will push salt out of the material, which will be immediately absorbed by the napkins. When the steam is completely dry, treat it with a protective agent.


A solution of three parts white vinegar in one part water is suitable for cleaning even stubborn salt stains. But before using it, you need to brush off all possible salt crystals from the shoe, wash it and dry it. After that, treat the stained areas with a cotton pad soaked in vinegar solution. If the stains do not disappear completely after it dries, the procedure will need to be repeated.

Refined oil

Ordinary vegetable oil - castor or sunflower oil is best - can also remove traces of salt. At the same time, it can make the shoe material water-repellent and soften it. But this method is not suitable for models with textile inserts.


You can remove salt with medical alcohol. Apply it with a cotton pad, but gently, without excessive moisture. When the alcohol is completely dry, the steam is treated with a protective agent.


Natural lemon juice is also a good salt remover. You can wipe the contaminated surface directly with a slice of fruit. It is not necessary to wash off the remaining juice afterwards. The same cannot be said about applying the cream.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA separately told how to clean suede shoes from salt.

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