How to quickly remove nail polish from the carpet: a life-saving life hack

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Nail polish remover can be too aggressive

Painting your own nails at home is not only beneficial because it saves money, but also gives you great pleasure. However, there is one risk - you can knock over a jar of nail polish and leave stains on, say, the carpet.

The first thought in this case is to clean the stain with nail polish remover, but it can also dissolve some types of fibers in the carpet. Therefore, household experts advise using hydrogen peroxide instead. OBOZ.UA tells how to do it correctly.

Hydrogen peroxide is a weak oxidizing agent that can remove various polymeric contaminants from surfaces, such as some types of glue and, yes, nail polish. In addition, it acts as a bleach and dissolves the pigments of this cosmetic product, which can be very resistant. But for home work, you can only use pharmacy peroxide at a concentration of 3%. More concentrated options will be too aggressive.

If you spill nail polish on the carpet, you need to act quickly. The product must be removed before it dries. Start by absorbing as much polish as you can with paper towels. Do not rub the stain, but rather blot it. This way you will avoid rubbing the color deep into the fibers. If the nail polish has already dried, take a blunt knife and scrape off as much as you can. Move the tool in the direction of the carpet fibers to avoid damaging them.

The nail polish that has only managed to cover the tips of the villi can simply be cut off. Don't cut too much, however, as this can leave noticeable bald spots. When you're done, use a vacuum cleaner to pick up any residue. After that, apply a little peroxide to a cloth or cotton pad and dab the stained area. When the pad gets dirty, use a new one to avoid smearing the remaining polish on the carpet. Repeat the procedure until you have removed all the product. After that, wash the treated area gently, without excessive moisture, with a mild soap solution (e.g., dishwashing detergent) and dry it.

The use of peroxide on carpet has its limitations. Since it brightens, it should not be used on dark carpets. Therefore, to make sure that the liquid will not damage your carpet, conduct a preliminary test in an inconspicuous place.

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