How to plan your move wisely: what you should do

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A well-thought-out and planned move is always easier

In the life of a modern person, moving to a new apartment happens at least once. Unlike vacation packing, which also needs to be done with great care, this kind of packing requires the most serious approach. You will have to keep in mind the lists of all your belongings, deadlines, routes, and often also deal with the sale of your home and the purchase of a new one.

In order not to get lost in the multitude of details, you need to make the most detailed moving plan. OBOZ.UA will help you do this without unnecessary stress.

Set clear deadlines

As soon as you decide to move, set yourself clear deadlines for all stages of this process. By what date will you be looking for a new home, how much time will you give yourself to prepare and pack, when do you plan to celebrate the housewarming party. You can start with a preliminary plan and add to it as you figure out the details. Think about what needs to be done in your current home, whether it's decluttering, packing, or any small repairs.

Move from longer time periods to shorter ones. Make a monthly, weekly, and daily schedule. In it, indicate which room you are going to pack and on what day, when you need to order certain services, when you may need contractors or help from loved ones, when to buy what materials, etc. This will help you move towards your goal in an organized manner.

Create a budget

Like any big undertaking, moving requires serious expenses. The more bulky items you have, the more expensive transportation services will be. So, research in advance how much it might cost, make a table of everything you need, including packing tape, duct tape, and boxes, and calculate your budget. Be sure to add a certain amount for unforeseen expenses. It should be at least 20% of the total budget. If you have enough money on hand, it will be much easier to move.

Think about whether you will need movers

When planning a move, many people hope to save money on movers' services. But you need to look at this issue as realistically as possible. If you are, say, a petite woman and live alone, the chances of carrying all the furniture into the truck on your own are obviously not very high. You can, of course, rely on the help of your friends, but their circumstances may change on the day you need them. In such a situation, it would be better to rely on movers and carriers.

Label everything you can

Do not trust your memory and do not rely on the accuracy of the movers. Label everything you pack. Write "fragile" in large letters on boxes with fragile items. Besides, it will be much easier for you to unpack at the new place if you can immediately see clearly where the dishes are, where the clothes are, where the books are, and where the children's toys are.

Sort your belongings before you move

Changing homes is a good reason to declutter radically. After all, the less you take with you to a new place, the cheaper the move will cost you. Go through everything in your home and divide it into three categories: things you're taking with you; junk that needs to be disposed of; and items that should be given a new life, but with new owners. This can be a rather lengthy process, so don't delay. And keep only what you really need in your new place. Give away, donate, sell on online flea markets or through a garage sale. You can donate things to social organizations. Don't bring too many old items with you to your new life.

Notify the relevant services about the change of address

This nuance is overlooked by many people. However, it is very important. Inform your workplace and the police about the change of registration. Provide your new address to the bank, arrange for the transfer or termination of utilities with the relevant services. This will help you to establish a normal life at the new place faster.

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