How to make a pillow for traveling with your own hands: an original life hack

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How to make a pillow for traveling

There are many life hacks to make traveling comfortable. You need to choose the right clothes and shoes, pack your suitcase properly, and think about what to do during a multi-hour trip in advance.

And when everything seems to be carefully packed and prepared, unexpected discoveries happen in the transport: no one thought about a travel pillow. Don't be upset, though, because the web has shared an interesting way to make a pillow out of scrap materials.

Blogger James Leinhardt shared this life hack with his subscribers. By the way, he generally recommends saving money on buying pillows for traveling at the airport. Why, he says, should you spend extra money - and airport prices are quite high - on something that you can quickly make yourself?

Leinhardt even notes that store-bought pillows are not as comfortable as they might seem at first glance. According to him, pillows are not able to support the neck in a natural position because they do not have enough support for the 20 muscles and seven vertebrae in the neck.

In search of the perfect way to relax on an airplane, the blogger resorted to experiments. All you need is a regular sweatshirt and a hair band.

  • Step 1. Fold the sweatshirt in half to form a pillow.
  • Step 2. Wrap the sweatshirt around your neck.
  • Step 3. Use a hair band or lace to secure the ends of the sweatshirt together.

A simple, and most importantly, convenient and comfortable travel pillow is ready.

And one more nice bonus: this life hack allows you to save not only money, but also space in your suitcase. Travel pillows are usually terribly uncompact, and a sweater can easily fit even in a backpack.

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