How to enjoy cleaning: the best ways to make it fun

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There are several ways to turn cleaning from a chore into a joy

Anyone would rather do something else instead of cleaning. It's okay to dislike cleaning your home. It's a job the results of which disappear very quickly, so it feels useless, even though it's absolutely necessary.

However, you still have to do it. And it is better to figure out how to enjoy cleaning at least a little bit. OBOZ.UA talks about ways that can help with this. They make the process easier and even sometimes more fun. The main task is to get rid of the irritation that the need to clean up causes.

Create a special playlist

Everyone probably knows that music helps you work out in the gym. However, it can also help with cleaning in the same way. Put together a playlist of tracks that make you feel enthusiastic, just like you would at the gym. Don't stop yourself from dancing or singing while you work.

If you don't like music, turn on an interesting podcast, lecture, or TV program. Wireless headphones can help you hear everything even while the vacuum is running. Play background sound from your smartphone. However, don't turn on the TV. You will be distracted by the screen all the time.

Turn cleaning into a game

Games are not just for kids. Adults also enjoy playing games to cheer themselves up. Thus, turn cleaning into a fun activity. For example, use dice to choose what to do next or set a timer and see how many tasks you can complete in that time. If you're cleaning with someone else, make it a duel. The main condition is that each type of work must be done not only quickly but also with high quality. You can also give each other some kind of award for each part of the cleaning that is done well and determine the winner in the end.

Work as a team

Speaking of cleaning together, turn a boring chore into a party. Gather your family or friends, distribute tasks and get to work. At the same time, don't forget to socialize, sing songs together, and treat yourself to something tasty. This approach works well when you need to do something big like pack up your things before renovating, sort through your wardrobe, settle into a new home after moving, etc.

Invest in quality gadgets and tools

Think about what life was like for our grandmothers, who used to sweep the dirt off the floor with a broom and wash all their clothes and laundry by hand. How much easier their lives were made by a vacuum cleaner and a washing machine. Thus, do not deny yourself the opportunity to go even further. Nowadays, there are robots that clean floors and windows, various smart mops, air washers that help fight dust, handheld vacuum cleaners for furniture and surfaces, and so on. And all of this is not a fad but a real help.

Properly selected cleaning products can also be an important factor. For example, a pleasant smell of cleaning liquid or powder is more enjoyable. The color of rags, sponges, and gloves can work in the same way. Buy what you like, not just what you need.

Make cleaning a conscious process

Cleaning, which we perceive as an unavoidable necessity and a monster that devours most of our free time, causes real stress. Therefore, it should be turned into a conscious ongoing process: small daily steps towards constant comfort. How to achieve this? For example, don't put off small tasks until later. Do everything you can do in up to 5 minutes right away. At the same time, focus on how such a small effort can significantly improve the space. Have you put everything in its place? Stop and admire the result. Gathering dishes to take to the sink? Pay attention to the shape and texture and enjoy these simple objects. Train yourself to enjoy housekeeping and turn it into an expression of love and care, not a punishment. You will see how everything will change very soon.

Don't focus on perfect cleanliness

Realize that cleanliness alone has never made anyone happy. And your friends will not stop being friends with you if they come to visit and see a little dust on the shelves. And it won't do any harm to leave dirty plates in the sink overnight either, especially if you spend the time you would have spent washing these dishes doing something really useful for your state of mind, such as communicating with your loved ones. Your life is not based on a well-done cleaning. However, a clean home can make it much better. Balance your efforts based on this postulate and you will feel better psychologically.

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