How to clean yellowed plastic: stains will disappear before your eyes

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How to clean plastic

Cleaning stains from plastic can sometimes be very difficult. And it's not just the usual dirt - over time, this material is prone to loss of whiteness, with noticeable yellowing appearing on it.

Yellowing on plastic, unfortunately, is a common problem. How to whiten the material with improvised means, figured out OBOZREVATEL.

Water and baking soda

Dirt, yellowing and mold can be eliminated with baking soda. In a small container (such as a bowl) mix water and baking soda to the consistency of a paste. Remember: the most important thing is to give the mixture time to work. Therefore, apply the product to the soiled surface for 20 minutes. Then wash off the baking soda with a cloth or sponge and wipe the plastic with clean water.


Cleaning experts suggest trying another method. Bleach is mixed with warm water and applied to yellowed plastic. You should wait 10-15 minutes and rinse the mixture with a sponge. Then dry the surface with a dry cloth.

Ammonia alcohol

If the plastic has stains from marker, grease, iodine, green, etc., the dirt can be cleaned using ammonia.

You can also use a chalky tip by mixing it with white tooth powder. It is advisable to take equal proportions so that the mixture turns out paste-like. The product should be applied to the yellowing and, if necessary, rub. But do not press too hard so as not to scratch the plastic.

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