How to clean kitchen cabinets from old grease: the secret "weapon" is named

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The product will help to clean even cabinets with complex facade material

Order and a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen are very important for hospitable hosts who like to welcome family and friends to their homes. But sometimes, even the best efforts don't produce a clear result, and the room looks untidy and has a not-so-pleasant odor. This can be caused by grease on the cabinets.

In combination with moisture and dust, it collects in ugly spots and smells bad. OBOZ.UA tells you how you can get rid of this plaque quickly and with the help of improvised means.

If the dirt layer is not too thick

To keep your kitchen cabinet fronts looking neat, you need to wash them regularly with mild laundry soap or dishwashing detergent. Add a few drops of the product to a bowl of warm water and use a sponge to wipe all surfaces thoroughly.

But that's not the end of the cleaning process. To keep your cabinet fronts looking really flawless, you need to wipe them dry with a paper or textile towel. This will prevent stains from appearing, as well as dust from settling again quickly.

If the facades of the cabinets have recesses or three-dimensional decor, all these difficult places will have to be treated with a brush. Cotton buds will also be a good tool as they will allow you to clean even small recesses well.

Degreasing spray

For those who prefer natural cleaning products, experts recommend using a degreasing spray made from vinegar and lemon juice to clean the kitchen. Take fresh juice and vinegar in equal proportions and pour them into a spray bottle. In this concentration, they can remove even stubborn stains. For less thorough cleaning, you can dilute the mixture with the same amount of water. Although the product will have a specific odor, you will notice a powerful deodorizing effect after it has weathered.

Baking soda cleaner

You can also make a cleaning liquid from baking soda. Dissolve four tablespoons of the product in a liter of water. This will be enough to clean the kitchen fronts well. If you want the product to leave behind a pleasant scent, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the water before adding the baking soda. Baking soda can also be used to mechanically treat stubborn stains. Sprinkle a small amount of powder on a wet cloth and gently rub the stained area with it. Soda should gently remove the sticky layer and degrease the surface.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA published detailed step-by-step instructions on how to clean the kitchen after the New Year holidays and not forget anything.

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