How to attract the interlocutor and what is the sandwich technique

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How to attract the interlocutor and what is the sandwich technique

5 rules of effective communication:

1. Remember that it is very pleasant for a person to hear the sound of his or her name. By addressing your interlocutor by name, you will immediately put him or her at ease. Therefore, look closely at what is written on the badge or business card and use the information. We also don't hesitate to ask questions: "How can I address you?"

2. Listen. Listen carefully to what your interlocutor is saying. Pay attention to their emotional state and body language. Listen instead of mentally preparing an impressive response. If you listen really carefully, you will get much more information than with the usual superficial exchange of remarks. People love the sound of their voice. It's important for them to get your attention and time - it gives them meaning. Listen, and you will understand what your interlocutor really needs and how you should interact with them. If your interlocutor is clearly irritated, angry, or upset, listen all the more. Let him or her speak out, let him or her get the negativity out. After doing so, he will be grateful for your patience and much more capable.

3. Speak in a language the other person understands. Specific and unambiguous phrases always help to reach an agreement. If your interlocutor hasn't read Nassim Taleb, don't forcefully load his or her mind with metaphors about black swans. It will not help you reach an agreement. Although, of course, your ego will enjoy the feeling of superiority. But is this your goal?

4. Don't read the other person's mind. You are facing another person with their own values, history, and experience. Your guesses about what drives this person, about his or her ideas and thoughts, can simply lead you to places far from reality. If you want to know what the other person thinks, ask them. This way you will stay in touch with them. And with reality, too.

5. Do you want to ask the other person for something? Pack your request in a"sandwich ". It will have 3 layers (top and bottom - "bread", middle - the essence of the request, "filling"):

  1. recognition of the person's existing merits and value to you;
  2. your request;
  3. information about how fulfilling the request will improve the person's life, yours and your gratitude.

An example from the workplace (communication between employees): "Victor, you are so attentive and efficient in your reporting. When I receive information from you, I am 100% sure that the data is accurate. Could I ask you to look at this report, the data from which will be used in the presentation to our partners, and check if everything is in order? I would be very grateful and will indicate in the presentation that the data was checked by you personally."

The sandwich technique can be used in communication with children and adults. In any situation where it is appropriate to make the "filling" edible for the interlocutor by wrapping it in a pleasant-tasting shell.

The rules are simple, right? Test them and make sure they work.

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