How cats affect female energy: what breeds are best to choose

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Cats can feed on the energy of their owners

Cats are often associated with feminine energy. A graceful and sophisticated animal capable of genuine tenderness and care for its human embodies the common ideas of an ideal woman. But esotericists say that not all breeds have a good effect on their owners. They advise to find out which breeds drain energy from women before getting a pet.

OBOZREVATEL has read these recommendations. We will tell you how a cat can be useful to a person and which breeds are neutral and dangerous for women.

How cats affect humans

Cats purr at frequencies that accelerate injury healing and tissue regeneration. This sound also has a calming effect on the nervous system. Therefore, the myth that cats can heal their owners is not such a myth.

A person who pets a cat has lower blood pressure and a normalised heart rate. It can also relieve headaches and joint pain.

The fact that cats like to keep a close eye on their owners is subconsciously perceived by humans as a manifestation of attention and understanding. That is why cats are recommended for those who suffer from loneliness and stress. You can really talk to the animal and feel as if you have been listened to.

At the same time, bioenergetics claim that the cat's aura can absorb the aura of female sexuality. And at the moments when female energy reaches its peak - these are moments of sexual arousal, ovulation, or pregnancy - the animal feeds especially intensely from its owner. And at the same time, it deprives her of some of her strength.

Dangerous breeds


As it turned out, several specific breeds are more prone to such "vampirism". Here is a list of them.

Maine Coon. The largest domestic cat also needs a lot of energy. They are able to suck it out even from a distance. Therefore, it is recommended to pet them for no longer than 15 minutes in a row.

Abyssinian cat. A miniature, graceful creature can absorb a huge amount of energy from its owner. Therefore, do not let it lie on your lap and do not let it into bed.

Siberian cat. A luxurious fluffy animal requires large amounts of energy to feed itself.

Breeds that do not pose a threat to women


Persian cat. Phlegmatic and calm creatures do not require much nutrition, so they will not eat from their owner.

British Shorthair cat. A plush cat is ideal for family life because of its self-sufficiency. That is why it is also safe for female energy.

Sphinx. All types of sphinxes are very defenseless due to the lack of hair, while the biggest "vampires" are fluffy cats. Therefore, the sphinx will not harm the aura of its owner.

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