Clothes, colors and fabrics to choose for New Year 2024, Year of the Dragon

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Clothes, colors and fabrics to choose for New Year 2024, Year of the Dragon

No matter how difficult this year has been, there is always time for bright moments in life. New Year's Eve is a great opportunity to turn the page and start, if not a new life, then at least create new positive changes. Be careful as real magic from the world of fashion and Chinese traditions awaits you.

So, in 2024, we will have the leap year of the Dragon, which promises us a lot of self-discovery and global changes. Thus, we need to prepare for its meeting very carefully! By the way, according to the Chinese calendar, every new year should be celebrated in special clothes, according to the sign, in order to ensure the support of higher powers.

Well, we believe in other forces: fashion, style and trends. So, let's create a look in accordance with the winter trends of 2023-2024 while paying homage and respect to the Dragon. And for this, let's turn to the trends dictated by the catwalk.

1. Colors:

An individual approach to colors will allow you to create a harmonious look. All the colors below can be safely combined without fear of turning into a traffic light or a Christmas tree. You can use the classic rule: 70% - the main color, 20% - an additional color, 10% - an accent, i.e. the brightest color.

Here are some trendy colors for the New Year 2024:

  • Orange-red

By the way, red is a symbol of love and energy. This winter 2024, we choose not the classic red or burgundy but warm shades of rooibos, orange, persimmon, fiery red, and burnt brick.

  • Green

Whether as a primary color or as a color accent, green always adds mystery. In the Year of the Dragon, the shades like sharp green (also known as yellow-green), olive, and "forest night" (dark green) are the best.

  • Gold

One of the main colors for the New Year 2024 is gold. So, it's time to wear gold or golden jewelry.

2. Style:

  • Cocktail elegance. If the party promises to be luxurious, choose a cocktail dress or an elegant suit with a fitted cut, cutouts or bare shoulders. These trends are back in fashion and allow us to emphasize elegance and sexuality.
  • Casual with holiday elements. If your celebration involves a more informal style, combine classic elements with festive accents. For example, if the basis of your look is restrained (for example, you chose a trendy oversized suit), then give preference to accent accessories like festive jewelry.

3. Sexuality:

A festive night is the right time to experiment, and the Dragon simply demands to be sexy. Try a sparkling sequined dress with a deep neckline or a satin skirt with a thigh-high slit. After all, the trends of winter 2023-2024 are very sexy and elegant: a fitted silhouette, open shoulders and a neckline. The emphasis on the waist and slits will emphasize your femininity very well.

Attention: If you plan to sit at the New Year's table most of the time, choose clothes without sequins on the bottom! It is at least uncomfortable and will make you sit "on pins and needles".

4. Fashionable details:

  • Accessories

As we have already said, the dragon loves gold. Therefore, feel free to choose gold or golden shiny jewelry, such as earrings, chains, bracelets, as well as jewelry for a handbag or clutch.

  • Gloves

Lace or mesh gloves will perfectly complement a stylish, elegant dress that has returned this winter.

  • Shoes

Choose stylish and comfortable shoes that match the overall look. Save the sneakers and 15-centimeter stilettos for other occasions so as not to spoil the festive look with vulgarity, and the mood with a broken heel or blisters. Make sure you choose shoes that you can wear for long hours.

5. Fabric and materials:

  • Silk and velvet

The dragon respects luxury, so choose silk or velvet only! A dress of even the simplest cut in these expensive fabrics will look flawless.

I wish you a bright and fabulous New Year 2024! Let your look reflect your style, and let the festive night be remembered as the beginning of something new and magical!

Yours, Anna Romanko,

style expert and fashion stylist

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