He is already 19! What does the "most beautiful boy in the world" look like now and why millions of people follow him. Photo.

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The boy is acting in a film

William Franklin-Miller is an ordinary boy from Britain who became famous for his "angelic" appearance. At the age of 4, he started modelling, but fame came to him much later. In 2016, a Japanese schoolgirl accidentally came across a photo of the young man on a social network and posted it on Twitter. After that, William gained a huge number of fans.

OBOZREVATEL decided to show what Franklin Miller looks like now, what he does and why 2 million people follow him on Instagram. By the way, on March 25, the handsome man turned 19 (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

The model was born in London to Dr Andy Franklin-Miller and actress Shannon Franklin-Miller. His mother also worked as a model from a young age. William inherited all the best from his parents - blue eyes, a neat nose, plump lips, a pointed chin and expressive cheekbones. Until the age of 12, no one knew about the boy, he was only popular in London because he starred in advertising campaigns.


But in 2016, his audience began to grow rapidly. At some point, the celebrity thought his page had been hacked and could not understand what the activity was about. It's safe to say that the Japanese woman turned the boy into a star who was called to star in films and become the face of many luxury brands.


The guy has already starred in several TV series and films, such as Arrow, Jack Irish, and Neighbours, and he has no plans to stop there. By the way, he gets about 8-10 thousand dollars for one episode. And by the time he was 19, he had already managed to save up his first million. Despite being so busy, he still manages to spend time with his friends and younger siblings, Noah and Sienna.


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