Gorov will present the documentary "Spomin About Maybutne" on the anniversary of the Russian invasion

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Famous Ukrainian filmmaker Semyon Gorov presents his new conceptual documentary film "Spotlight on the Future".

"Spotlight on the Future" is Semyon Gorov's authorial short documentary about Ukrainian artists and their work in their hometowns during the war. The aim of the project is to help creative individuals and support them in the resistance that they put up, to inspire people not to give up, despite everything to dream and believe in the future.


The film shows brief stories of artists expressed in dance and music. The events of the film take place in "war-kissed" cities, where the characters do not stop dreaming or carrying out their missions for the sake of the future. Each individual pain and each memory of the future merges into a shared collective reflection, where yesterday is mixed with the dreams and hopes of tomorrow.


The director was inspired by the musical composition of the same name by the outstanding Ukrainian composer, hero of Ukraine Igor Poklad, who also became one of the heroes of the film. Together with his wife, he sat for two weeks without light, food, and water in the basement of his house in the occupied town of Vorzel, while seven enemy Russian tanks stood in his yard at the time. In the tape, the song "Spomin" is performed by the NAONI orchestra.


According to Semyon Gorov, every challenge includes a gift. The main thing is not to look through it and accept it. War destroys life and art, but in this anguish, a new art, a new life, is born!


"This film is dedicated to the heroic people of Ukraine. Everyone here is like a live antenna. You start fishing for a signal that will lead you out of this horrible dream to the light. You are looking for that spark inside yourself. After all, it's scary not to die, it's scary not to try to live. We cannot lose, we must win!"


The material for the film was filmed in Kharkiv, Odesa, Vorzel, and Irpin. The heroes of the film did not leave their cities because they believe that this is how they are fighting back.


"If everyone goes, who needs such a city?" believes choreographer Lana Matvienko.

Dancer Natasha from Odessa, despite the difficult situation in the city, puts on a performance. Denis volunteers and does choreography.


"In the midst of the terrible consequences of the attempts to destroy the peaceful cities of our country by our eastern neighbor, in the ruins of Kharkiv, Odesa, Kyiv, and other of our most beautiful cities, sprout the shoots of life in the incarnation of indomitable creators. Tortured and unconquered. Their vulnerable craft - dance, music, painting, poetry - gives life and faith to themselves and to the world around them, despite any adversity. We meet the heroes in the moments of war ordeal and are inspired by the powerful force of inner filling of the Ukrainian nation - its culture", - says Marusya Limanskaya, the co-author of the script.


The film is produced by an independent film company Gorov Studio, the aim of the creative team of the film is to participate in international festivals.

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