"God and the Holy Scriptures saved another defender of Ukraine": an impressive photo from the frontline is posted online

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"New Testament" saved the life of a Ukrainian soldier

A Ukrainian soldier was saved by the New Testament during enemy shelling. The book stopped a piece of shrapnel, so our defender was less seriously injured, although the explosion occurred right next to him.

The soldier was taken to a stabilisation unit with an abdominal injury. This was reported by volunteer Oksana Korchynska on her Facebook page.

"According to his comrades, the explosion was near him, the shrapnel is large, we are preparing for the worst. The wound is extensive, the remains of pages and a blue cover are visible, doctors are preparing for surgery," she wrote.

However, when the soldier underwent an ultrasound, everyone was shocked because no shrapnel was found inside the abdominal cavity.


Then the medics removed the wounded man's waist bag, which was below his body armour, and took out what was inside. The contents of the bag, namely the New Testament, saved the Ukrainian soldier's life. The book was cut in half because it had taken on this deadly shrapnel.

"God and the Holy Scriptures saved another defender of Ukraine," Korchynska wrote.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, a Ukrainian defender was saved from death at the front by an ordinary notebook. A small book with a leather cover "caught" a fragment of an enemy shell.

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