Forget about these models: what trousers should not be worn after 40 years. Photo.

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Trouser styles that betray bad taste.

The designers did their best to provide women with a wide range of trousers and jeans. There are models with high or low rise, different volumes, colours and lengths. However, not all of them are universal: some styles visually add at least 5 kilograms, making the wearer look shorter and older.

Read OBOZREVATEL's article to find out what jeans and trousers are not advisable for women aged 40+. They make the look inharmonious and ridiculous.

1. Low-rise jeans

These models became fashionable back in the 2000s and are still relevant today. But it is better not to add them to your wardrobe, as this style does not change the proportions of the figure for the better and visually makes the legs shorter. Wear high-waisted jeans or trousers that perfectly accentuate the hips and slightly elongate the silhouette.


2. Torn trousers

If you want to emphasise your figure and be sophisticated, it is better to avoid torn jeans. They look indecent, add age and weigh down the look. It is better to buy high-waisted trousers or jeans without unnecessary prints and cuts.


3. Capri

These are short trousers, approximately mid-calf length. Today, this style has become an anti-trend for women of all ages. Capris create the effect of short legs and change the proportions of the figure. If you want to emphasise your shape, it is better to pay attention to Slim Fit trousers or jeans.


4. Culottes

These are cropped, loose-fitting trousers with wide legs, up to or below mid-calf length. However, this model is controversial due to the distortion of the proportions of the silhouette, and not everyone can wear it. Instead of culottes, we recommend going back to the classics: try high-waisted, full-length palazzo trousers.


5. Breeches

Breeches are often confused with capris. The difference between them lies in the length. The former always barely cover the knees, while the latter resemble turned-up trousers, so their length can vary (below the knee or reaching the ankle). Why should you give up breeches? Because they visually enlarge the hips, look cheap and change the proportions of the body.


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