Forget about them: five cardigans that have long gone out of fashion and can ruin any look. Photo.

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Some cardigan designs have gone out of fashion

A cardigan is a great spring alternative to a light leather jacket or bomber jacket. However, not all models have retained their relevance in 2023, so before creating a look, it is better to familiarise yourself with the anti-trends of the spring-summer season.

A stylish cardigan will help to make the image look relaxed, romantic and light, but an unsuccessful option will ruin even a perfectly matched look. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you about 5 models that are no longer in fashion (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Cropped or bolero

Everyone remembers bolero cardigans that were at their peak 10 years ago. To protect their arms from the cold, but not to cover the beauty of the dress, fashionistas resorted to this life hack, but now it looks outdated.



Modern fashion doesn't spare tight-fitting outerwear models at all. It is better to hide fitted cardigans with large buttons in the far corner of the closet.


Elongated model to fit the figure

When choosing between an oversized and a straight model, it is better to buy the first option. It will add ease and lightness to the image, while a straight cut will simply distort the proportions of the figure.



Buttons are not only an interesting decorative element that can save a boring print, but also a very practical thing. A cardigan without buttons looks sloppy and out of date.


The cut

This is one of the most unsuccessful models of cardigans, coats, dresses and other wardrobe items. It is better to refuse this cut in the new season altogether.


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