Famous Ukrainian hero fatally wounded near Bakhmut

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Andriy Dmytriev killed in the Donetsk region

Famous Ukrainian powerlifter and strongman Andriy Dmytriev was killed in heavy fighting near Bakhmut. Communication with the Sumy strongman was cut off on New Year's Eve, and on January 5 it became known that the titled athlete had passed away.

The Ukrainian Strongman Federation announced the death of the red-bearded hero on its Facebook page.


"Andriy Dmytriev... Died defending his homeland... Multiple winner of Ukrainian championships, master of sports in strongman, head of the Sumy branch of the USF... Andriy, who is always smiling and sincere! Our strongman family has suffered an irreparable loss. We will remember you, my friend! The flag will be raised in your honour at competitions! Our condolences and grief are with your family and friends... Thank you," USF responded.


Dmytriev was a gifted athlete and found himself in strength sports. He repeatedly won the Ukrainian Strongman Championships, was a master of sports in strongman and powerlifting, and worked as the head of the Sumy branch of the Ukrainian Strongman Federation.


In addition, Andriy has repeatedly become a champion in the multi-repetition bench press, a champion in kettlebell lifting and a champion of Sumykhimprom in tug-of-war.

In 2017, the Sumy resident set a Ukrainian record in the Axel vulture deadlift, without knowing about the existence of his previous achievement, and in 2019 he took second place at the first-ever Highlander Games held in the Carpathian village of Slavske.


After Russia's full-scale invasion on February 24, 2022, he did not sit in the rear, but went to defend his country with arms in hand. Most recently, Dmytriev has been holding down the fort in the Donetsk region, in the hell on earth that is now known as Bakhmut.




Friends and family remember Dmytriev as a very bright and cheerful person: "You will always remain in our hearts! Always smiling! Cheerful! A brave warrior who gave his life for Ukraine!", "My friend Andriy, your red beard and smile will be etched in my memory for life! I will remember you as strong and unbreakable!", "An extremely bright, positive and kind person".


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