Drove millions of men crazy! How have the most beautiful actresses of the 90's changed. Photo then and now

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How have the most beautiful actresses of the '90s changed

The world-famous actresses who looked at their viewers from the screens in the 90s were not just performers - they were real movie icons, on whom women looked up to and who drove men crazy. More than 20 years have passed, and these Hollywood beauties are still the darlings of the public. However, some of them have changed beyond recognition.

OBOZREVATEL shows the main actresses of Hollywood of the 90's at the beginning of their careers and how they look now. We will also tell you what has changed in the lives of these stars.

Julia Roberts


After the movie "Pretty Woman" Julia Roberts woke up a real megastar. The owner of Hollywood's most famous smile could not help but fall in love with the audience. Since then, she has starred in a huge number of films. Now the actress continues to shoot, and in addition owns a film company Om Red Films and is actively engaged in charity work. During the "covid" quarantine, the celebrity decided to divorce her husband after 18 years of marriage. So now Roberts is also an enviable bachelorette.

Monica Bellucci


She is 58, but she remains one of the main sex symbols of all time. Her flawless beauty, talent and charisma have brought her stunning success. She appears in movies to this day, although not as often. In addition, the star appears as a model at shows and photographed for glossies.

Meg Ryan


"When Harry Met Sally," "Sleepless in Seattle," "City of Angels," "You've Got Mail" and dozens of other successful movies where Ryan starred made her the queen of romantic films. Unfortunately, however, with the advent of the 2000s, the actress' filmography began to noticeably dwindle against the rest of her peers. To compete with young fresh faces, Meg began to resort to plastic surgery. However, changes in appearance seemed to many fans excessive, and in this regard, the star has repeatedly faced criticism.

Sandra Bullock


The Oscar-winning actress in her 58 years of age can be sure that she has definitely succeeded as an actress, as evidenced by her numerous leading roles in successful projects, as well as constant shooting in new ones. Bullock, like many of her colleagues with more than 30 years of film experience, now appears not only in front of the camera, but also behind it as a director.

Kathleen Turner


Kathleen Turner was one of the most successful actresses in the 80's and 90's, but all came to an end in 1993 when the star was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Hormone treatment had an impact on the appearance of the celebrity - she markedly gained weight. Exacerbating the situation, severe pain, because of which Turner almost could not walk. All this affected the emotional state of the celebrity, who almost ceased to appear in public. Over time, the actress accepted all of her changes, but she never returned to the movies. She has not acted for a long time and is unlikely to plan to.

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