Dog breeds that live the longest: large-scale study reveals unexpected answers

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A small dog with a long muzzle and a female is the choice for those who want their pet to live a long time

When we get a pet, we want it to live with us as long as possible. However, how can we predict the life expectancy of a pet?

Researchers from the British Dogs Trust analyzed data from more than 580,000 dogs to derive correlations that can help people make a better choice. The results of their work were published by Mail Online.

Scientists studied the impact of breed, body size, head shape, and gender on a dog's life expectancy. As a result, they determined the average life expectancy for different breeds. They got good news for owners of Lancashire Heeler, Tibetan Spaniel, and Bolognese. They turned out to be the longest-lived breeds. However, Caucasian Shepherd, Presa Canario, and Cane Corso were the dogs with the highest risk of early death.

Previous studies have indicated that the average life expectancy of a dog is between 10 and 13.7 years. However, it was still unclear how life expectancy correlated with breed. In order to identify certain patterns, the researchers collected data on 584,734 dogs in the UK, including 284,734 that died. The study included representatives of 155 pure breeds, and hybrids were grouped separately.

In addition to the breed itself, scientists also took into account the dog's gender, body size, and muzzle shape. It turned out that, based on the combination of these features, small long-nosed animals such as dachshunds and shelties have the longest average life expectancy. They live an average of 13 years.

The flat muzzle of a dog has a negative impact on life expectancy. Thus, French and English bulldogs had the lowest average life expectancy: 9.1 years for males and 9.6 years for females.

In terms of specific breeds, the Lancashire Heeler topped the list with the highest life expectancy, which was 15.4 years. It was followed by the Tibetan Spaniel (15.2 years), the Bolonka (14.9), the Shiba Inu (14.6), and the Papillon (14.5).

At the opposite end of the list was the Caucasian Shepherd Dog. Its average life expectancy was the lowest: only 5.4 years. A step above it was the Presa Canario with its 7.7 years, followed by the Cane Corso (8.1), Mastiff (9), and Affenpinscher (9.3).

As for sex, females turned out to be longer-lived than males. Their average life expectancy was 12.7 years versus 12.4.

The researchers did not specifically study the reasons for these differences, but they suggested that flat-faced breeds are at high risk of developing a number of diseases. And this negatively affects how long they live.

That is why the scientists urged people who dream of getting a pug, a bulldog, or a Pekingese to think carefully about their choice and never buy an animal from an unverified place. Yes, a puppy from a good kennel will cost more, but you will know that its owners treat its mother well and take care of her health in time, not just use it for irresponsible breeding. This approach also affects how healthy the offspring will be. In general, this approach should be applied to any dog if you plan to get this wonderful animal.

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