Difficult tasks or pleasant meetings: horoscope for all zodiac signs for January 30

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Some will have to work harder

Aries will have to solve difficult tasks. However, they will be able to do it. Virgos will meet up with old friends.

Tarotist and prognosticator Olha Solomka has compiled a horoscope for all zodiac signs for January 30 exclusively for AstroOBOZ. Find out what awaits you.


Take on the most difficult tasks today because you will be interested in testing your own abilities, maybe even putting yourself on the brink of survival. However, don't rush to demonstrate your endurance to your superiors.


Speeches in front of people in any format will be successful no matter is they are help online, live or in private or crowded rallies. You are now able to set hearts aflame and inspire people.


Clean up your workplace and home. You can finally throw away all the things that have been accumulating around you for years. And you'll feel a great deal of relief from getting rid of both the garbage and old memories.


You will be able to meet people, communicate with old friends and make new acquaintances and demonstrate your qualities. This may happen unexpectedly when you are suddenly invited or even strongly drawn into a social event.


Some will try to attract you to some significant project, offering you a higher salary and better conditions. The offers will be very interesting and promising but you'll have to give up your quiet life.


You'll be able to see old friends, hug them, reminisce about the past, tell them about the good news, discuss current issues, and plan future achievements. In short, you will have a good time with people who are close to you.


You will learn about great news from far away, perhaps even from another country, which will be very inspiring and will have its own continuation. You may receive an invitation to visit or an offer to participate in interesting projects related to international cooperation.


You want to feel the same atmosphere of risk, to rush into the maelstrom of adventure, to ignore any obstacles and to break other people's attitudes and principles. In short, you will be very brave but also very reckless.


You will have interesting adventures and no time to focus on anything as your environment changes, you meet extraordinary people, receive amazing offers, and even find yourself in places you never planned to be.


Today, you can easily leave something important at home or let go of some keys, documents or cards, which will make you feel very bad. Therefore, it is better to be as careful as possible and make sure you have all the necessary things or documents with you.


You start the week very tensely as you have set yourself very impressive goals and a high bar, as well as accumulated many tasks and promised to complete them all on time. You feel tired already on Tuesday.


You feel like you're not being noticed today and you've been striving for popularity and wanting to involve different people in your ideas and projects. However, all you face rejections and ignorance. Perhaps your plans and ideas are not very attractive to others.

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