Cold showers ruin everything: how to easily fall asleep in the summer heat

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Water that is too cold will cause the body to make an effort to warm itself up

A record-breaking hot week has lead to difficulty of falling asleep. Because of the high air temperature, it can be very challenging to fall asleep. After all, in order to switch to rest mode, the body needs to lower its temperature. This is not an easy task when the air warms up to 30 degrees and above.

OBOZREVATEL collected a few lifehacks on how to cope with this problem. None of them involves turning on the air conditioner.

Cool down the bedroom

In the place where you sleep, it should be as cool as possible. It's best to keep the windows of this room draped during the day. Place a large bottle of frozen water by the bed, drape the doors and window openings with a damp cloth or turn a fan on. Air temperatures approaching body temperature can wreak havoc on your sleep, so take care of all the cooling methods you can. Finally, simply open a window wide open for the night. The nighttime chill will do everything.

Don't take cold showers

Although this advice seems counterintuitive, cold showers actually trigger the body's warming mechanisms. In addition, too cold water speeds up your heart rate, which is also a factor that prevents you from falling asleep properly. The water temperature during hygiene procedures should be comfortable: below body temperature but not too cold. Do not wipe yourself after a shower. While the body dries in the air naturally, it cools down too.

Avoid anything that warms you while you sleep

Turn off all electrical appliances that heat up while in use. If you are sleeping in a twin bed, sleep at distance if possible. This goes for pets, too. In addition, replace the blanket with a thin sheet. Sleeping uncovered can be very uncomfortable, sp at least the sheet won't heat you up. If you can sleep on the floor, move there, as the temperature is always lower down the room.

Practice relaxation before heading to bed

Any practices that help you relax and fall asleep should be used. An hour before bedtime, put all gadgets away. Meditate or do slow breathing exercises and create a complete blackout in the bedroom. You will be easier to fall sleep and you are less likely to wake up in the middle of the night.

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