Celebrity nail technician revealed the secrets of the perfect manicure: Selena Gomez and Charlize Theron are on his client list. Photo.

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Secrets of the perfect manicure from star nail artist Tom Bachik

Tom Bachik is one of the most successful nail artists in the world, with Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie, and many other world-famous celebrities as his regular clients. However, in his youth, Bachik never even thought about a career in the beauty industry - he was engaged in airbrushing, customised skateboards and snowboards, and studied graphic design. Later on, it was this knowledge and experience that helped him become a sought-after and influential nail artist.

Bachik revealed his own secrets of a perfect manicure to the British edition of Vogue. He assured that nails are not a complement to the overall image, as many people are used to thinking, but a very important independent element that requires an individual approach and sufficient attention.

According to Bachik, his priority is always focused on the manicure itself, i.e. nail care that does not include varnish or gel coating.


"I see a lot of amazing nail art, but the nails and cuticles are so badly done that it's like having a beautiful house with a very bad yard. It spoils the whole impression. The devil is in the details," the nail technician comments.

He recommends paying as much attention to the care of natural nails as possible. Make sure that your cuticles are always carefully treated, that the shape of the nails is the same and neat on each finger, and that the skin of your hands is well moisturised.


When choosing the perfect colour, Bachik is guided not only by trends in the world of nail art. He pays attention to how this or that shade will harmonise with the person who will wear it.


"Before I paint my nails, I think about how they balance the hand, how they lengthen the fingers and whether they make them look elegant; about positive and negative space; and then about the composition of the nail art, its dimension and depth," says Bacik.


Like any master, Bachik has his own life hacks. He shared some of them. For example, instead of using cuticle oil, he uses face oil.

"It's lightweight, absorbs quickly, helps cell proliferation, evens out skin tone, removes fine lines, etc. - we need such formulations for our hands!" the expert emphasised.


His main advice is to include nail care in your daily evening routine. When applying a moisturiser, oil or serum to your face before going to bed, don't be lazy and rub a little product into the cuticles and back of your hands.

As for manicure trends, Bachik sees a lot of textures this season - new types of glitter, reflective gels, and shimmer.


"I think a new word that has also caught on is 'glaze', which means we use different types of transparent chromes that can be applied over colours to create different effects... There will be a lot of glitter: from metallic accents to splashes of colour. My personal favourites are anything unexpected that will stand out and contrast with the clothes," the expert shared.


He revealed that his celebrity clients appreciate an individual approach. Bachik is inspired by existing references, but still tries to make the design unique. J.Lo, for example, takes an active part in the search for ideas for her manicure, sending the nail technician photos of her favourite options, but always notes that she wants each design to be done "in her own way".


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