Best hairstyles for girls of short stature: make your look sophisticated. Photo.

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Hairstyles for girls of short stature

Sometimes short girls feel self-conscious about their height, but in this case, it is important to remember that there are many tricks that can visually change the situation. In particular, a lot depends on the choice of haircut and hairstyle.

For example, short girls should give preference to ponytails, buns, or unusual hairstyles with braids that add volume to their hair. All of them elongate the silhouette as well as high heels, and therefore definitely deserve the attention of "little ones". OBOZREVATEL has collected five of the most successful options.

If you want to add a few centimetres to your height, then choose the second between loose hair and hairstyles. So, stylists recommend collecting curls on the top of your head, but you can leave some strands so that they flirtatiously frame your face. This option will add not only visual height to the silhouette, but also sophistication to the image.


If the length of your hair does not allow you to gather it in the way shown in the photo above, then try the "incomplete" bun for a square.


The best option that can be done both on weekdays and for a festive event is a ponytail. It is recommended to make a comb in the interval from the crown to the top, but be careful not to overdo it.


As an alternative to a ponytail or a bun, you can pin your hair up with crab clips, which have been trending for the past few seasons. This accessory promises to remain at the peak of popularity at least in the coming spring and summer.


It is better not to comb your hair smoothly, as this can steal precious centimetres of height. If you have bangs, they can be played up in an unusual way with a braid.


The "Waterfall" model is a variant of an unusual, relevant and rather sophisticated hairstyle that performs the main function for short girls - it makes them visually taller. The braid is loosened and let down over the top of the head, combining it with loose strands at the back.


More daring ladies can experiment with the Babette. The 50s-style hairstyle will definitely win you over with its volume.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL made a selection of hairstyles that can be done in just five minutes. Despite the fact that they take a little time, they look elegant and stylish. Read more in our article.

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