"Banderite demons": propagandist Solovyov found "guilty" of liquidating Tatarsky and dreams of destroying Ukraine. Video.

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Solovyov is hysterical over Tatarsky's death

Russian top propagandist Vladimir Solovyov publicly mourned the death of pro-Russian war correspondent Vladlen Tatarsky. He blamed the death of his fellow propagandist on Ukrainians, calling them "Banderite demons".

Solovyov spoke about this in his programme on RosTV. Meanwhile, his studio guests agreed that the death penalty for treason should be introduced (to watch the video, scroll to the end of the news).

"I think that even theoretically, any negotiations are impossible. The terrorist 'Banderostan' must be destroyed. There can be no negotiations with the terrorist organisation UDIL," the propagandist said.

Meanwhile, the anti-war Telegram channel 'Sower of Wind' reminded that Tatarsky had devoted his life to promoting violence, and the network was full of his videos calling for the genocide of Ukrainians, the destruction of Ukraine, and the bombing of civilian targets in Ukrainian cities. He dreamed of organising a nationwide Bucha.

"As a result, the hatred that Tatarsky promoted consumed him. And there is no other way. When you consistently prove every day that killing people you don't like is normal and good, there is a chance that one day someone will believe you. And will finish you off," the channel's authors noted.

They concluded that Tatarsky's colleagues are now throwing a tantrum because they fear that a similar fate awaits them.

"They are calling for revenge and punishment. But did they do anything to Tatarsky that he did not approve of and did not call for? So what are the questions?" - the statement reads.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- On April 2 in the center of St. Petersburg there was a powerful explosion, which resulted in the death of pro-Russian "war correspondent" Vladlen Tatarsky. The explosives were brought into the establishment by a girl. She presented the statuette with the explosive hidden in it to the propagandist;

- On April 3 26-year-old Daria Trepova, suspected in Tatarsky's murder, was detained in St. Petersburg. However, the citizens of the terrorist state were confused by several "nuances" and therefore expressed their distrust of such information.

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