Attracting trouble: three things you shouldn't keep at home

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Old things don't always bring back only pleasant memories

Often we get so used to our things that we start to feel a certain sentiment for them and cannot get rid of them, even when they are already out of order. Folk beliefs say that some of these items can be dangerous and attract trouble to the house.

As OBOZREVATEL has found out, superstitions directly point to certain things. Their energy has the greatest impact on people.

A cracked mirror

Mirrors are considered to be guides to the world of the other world, so there are many signs around them. One of them says that a damaged object begins to distort the energy flowing back and forth. This brings not just bad luck, but real misfortune. Therefore, you need to get rid of cracked and broken mirrors immediately.

A clock that has stopped

Time moves forward and never stops - this is its nature. And the clock on which it froze contradicts this nature. This is considered a very bad sign and can bring stagnation, up to the death of one of the inhabitants of the house. Therefore, signs do not recommend keeping a clock at home that no longer runs.

Poor quality photos

Photos, like mirrors, are considered a kind of portal, but this time to the past. Therefore, only those images that are of good quality and clearly show all the details are recommended for hanging and placing in prominent places. Damaged and low-quality photos can be kept, but it is better to let them remain in albums.

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